Game Theory: Dream is my SON? (Dream Face Reveal)

Theorist, it FINALLY happened! The Dream face reveal we've all been waiting to see. He even called me to give me a sneak peek – which is up on the channel right now! But that is not the biggest thing to come out of this historic moment. No, that is the fact that Dream… is my son. Well, the INTERNET thinks he is anyway. It was quite the thing to see trending on Twitter. So, am I? Let's find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: GeekyPeanut
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

#Dream #DreamFaceReveal #DreamSMP #FaceReveal #GameTheory #MatPat


  1. Awful timing

  2. You are bored

  3. 6:48 when you know that dream leaked a video of him on an aligator when he was younger

  4. aint real cuz fatherless lol

  5. Is this a Star wars remake

  6. I think he has lost it.

  7. Mehhh I love that the theme song is back

  8. Doc's Epik Battles

    SNIFFER WON!!!! matpat is freaking out right now

  9. matpat should join the dreamsmp as dream’s canonical dad

  10. Well, gays can’t have children, so I busted the theory in 5 seconds.
    Who’s the speedruner now?

  11. MatPat, you could have tried using FaceApp, but instead of the baby, you make Dream younger!

  12. This implies that Shane Dawson would be the one that gets mpreg

  13. Do you have the milk?

  14. A video abou a youtuber’s video is a game… a lot of sense…

  15. … I love that you brought up the earlobes… OH SHI- you shouted out the episode I thought you were referencing, so I guess I was right and you were referencing the Rosalina theory… nice

  16. The Silver Goddess

    This is wild and I love it

  17. Well….if this isn’t the weirdest Game Theory ever….

  18. i wonder how many times mat thought “what am i doing with my life right now” while making this about him reproducing with shane dawson

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