Game Industry Submits To My Demands, Deadly Premonition On Switch & DEADLY PREMONITION 2!

Life. Is. Beautiful.

After yelling about a Deadly Premonition Switch port for months, the latest Nintendo Direct delivered. It MORE than delivered. Not only do I get my port, but a SEQUEL has been announced.

Deadly Premonition: Origins is on Switch, while Deadly Premonition 2 is coming in the future. I’ll be coming in the future too.

Life. Is. Beautiful.

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  1. Gambling ad on a Jim Sterling video.

    Oh YouTube ??‍♂️

  2. D… P… on the Switch! I knew I could count on it, it never fails!

  3. Urgh, Shadow Hearts Remaster. It’s like Jim read my mind.

  4. can you also demand Persona 3 4 and 5 for the switch please?

  5. Glad you’re looking forward to Deadly Premonition: Origins! 😀

    We’ll also be releasing a special physical Collector’s Edition in November… look out for that!

  6. Could you get Paper Mario Thousand Year Door on the Switch as well please? My GameCube doesn’t work anymore.

  7. But what about Zone of the Enders 3? Oh, it´s by Konami…

  8. Dead Space remastered… published by EA… sadly, we might not want to go there. o.O

  9. Jim, just between you and me, are you holding someone at gunpoint? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to effectively make demands in the games industry.

  10. Jim, when are you going to finish your Deadly Premonition let’s play? This Switch port is the perfect opportunity!

  11. Bless God for him and him alone, definitely nobody else!

  12. The Planeswalker With Horn-Rimmed Glasses

    Yo Jim, please ask for Xenosaga trilogy remastered!!!

  13. I wish I could like this video twice. Seeing Jim be genuinely excited about video games is so endearing.

  14. *Guess you could say Jim had a…. “Deadly Premonition?”*


  15. I have a feeling Jim may like Deadly Premonition no idea why

  16. positive happy jim is best jim

    *jim starts manically laughing*

  17. The fact that NMH 2 and Deadly Premonition came out in 2010, both finally getting a sequel on the switch around the same time?? Are we time traveling??

  18. Can you use your dark powers to get Driver: San Francisco re-released?

  19. Game Industry: We don’t give into demands…


    Game industry: We’ll get right on that mr. Sterling! Thank god for you.

  20. Still remember how creepy it was replaying the game when forest kaysen was taking the twin boys Isaac and isiah on
    walks in the wood, realising who he was ?

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