Game Companies Avoid Paying Millions In UK Taxes

Yet more tax avoidance news, as a report shows how a handful of major game companies are making big savings by exploiting a tax relief program intended for far smaller studios.

It’s just what corporations do!

Sega, Sony, and WarnerMedia join the previously mentioned Rockstar as companies dodging taxes while enjoying massing relief. It all seems just a tad unfair, but it’s how the system operates.


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  1. Making billions, but not giving a dollar for anyone else than themselves.
    … Do we REALLY need these companies in any country ?

  2. This 100% doesn’t surprise me. Large corporations have been using tax loopholes for decades. The video game industry has gotten large enough where these exploits are becoming more obvious now, but they’ve been doing it forever.

  3. And yet, there are still goobers claiming these companies aren’t making enough money.

  4. If a game includes the word “blimey” it qualifies as “culturally British”.

  5. So to summarize: British Taxpayers directly finance Activision/Blizzard, despite the fact that that company pays no taxes in the UK at all.

  6. But Jim they’re clearly broke! They have to avoid paying these taxes, put in microtransactions, and psychologically manipulate children in order to pay for all the executives private islands O>O

  7. Funny how you could pirate everything these guys have ever released and you’d still be less of a thief than they are.
    I’m not condoning piracy or anything.. asides from the part where I am.

  8. And this is why I will never feel sympathy for these companies or anyone who’s an apologist for them. Tax dodgers are still criminals.

  9. 2018: Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud
    2019: Sony Commits Tax Evasion

  10. Nice to hear my hard earned wages that the government take off me in tax are going to games companies who don’t pay any taxes. Time to write to my mp I think (I actually will do)

  11. dont drag weasels down by comparing them to game publishers jim

  12. Exploiting the loophole? More like fisting it..

  13. But Sega, Sonic told me on Sonic Says that “nobody wins when you cheat” and “playing fair is the only way to go”

    You lied to me damnit.

  14. Jim keeps mentioning the abstract nature of billions. Here is a comparison:

    One million seconds is about 11 days. So now knowing that fact, how long do you think one billion seconds is?

    Nearly 32 years…

  15. This is what happens when tax laws are written by the rich, and designed to only benefit the rich. It is time to eat the rich.

  16. *The Seven Gaming Sins*

    PRIDE: Strauss Zelnick
    GREED: Bobby Kotick
    LUST: Randy Pitchford
    ENVY: Kagemaza Kozuki
    GLUTTONY: Andrew Wilson
    WRATH: James ‘Romino’ Romine
    SLOTH: Gabe Newell

  17. What the hell does a company who posted record profits need with a government relief program?

  18. Well Jim remember- to these corporations, paying taxes is JuSt OpTiOnAl

  19. I’m on unemployment benefits and I’m paying more tax than most corporations.

  20. We need to bring back the guillotine for these CEOs.

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