G2A Is So Bad Developers Would Rather You Pirate Their Games Than Buy From It

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G2A is a shady website that resells keys for game downloads. The problem with G2A is that it’s shady as hell and has been criticized heavily for allowing fraudulent sales that cost developers money.

The sketchiness and outright criminal behavior is so bad, studios would rather you pirate their games than use G2A if you have no intention of buying the game officially.

Frankly, their case is completely valid.


  1. “You can pirate our games”
    -Todd Howard.

  2. Bad?! I’ve never even _heard_ of them!

    … maybe im out of touch.

  3. On second thought, let us not go to G2A, tis a silly place.

  4. So, I should only buy EA games from G2A?

  5. Krtek Nostromo Oltskul Tlamas

    Wow… And i thought YT algorythm recomended me video from 3 years ago :O

  6. Pirating a video game costs developers less than you buying it through G2A

    What a time to be alive

  7. This is why I use G2A to buy EA games.

  8. Supermassive Gaming

    G2A now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time. I didn’t even think they were a thing anymore.

  9. remember when randy pitchford had to be talked out of working with G2A

  10. All I’m hearing from this is to buy Activision, EA, and Ubisoft games from g2a

  11. Reminds me of TB and the G2A Gearbox situation. RIP John Bain

  12. CanadianBaconPwnage

    Oooo, the Descenders game really tickled my fancy. Thanks for showing that off Jim!

  13. G2A: “We disagree with the evidence that developers lose money when their games are sold through us.”

  14. You KNOW it’s bad when Jim breaks out the old Garry’s Incident footage

  15. This is not the first time this happened.
    Hotline miami’s creator gave people the full game on the pirate bay, asking them not to buy from G2A and obtain it this way

  16. What if I want to buy an EA game on G2A? The chargeback can be a surprise mechanic.

  17. Remember, if a website was willing to work with the psychopaths behind Digital Homicide, you know they have to be smoking something foul.

  18. G2A avoiding public conversation? well it’s no surprise mechanic.

  19. G2A aren’t selling stolen keys, they’re selling Random Surprise Frauds

  20. Can’t G2A be charged for fencing stolen property? Or is this another case of “The Law Hasn’t Been Updated?”

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