G2A Doesn’t Consider Fraud A Real Problem But Admits The Fraud Problem Won’t Go Away

G2A has attempted to defend itself from recent criticism with characteristic self-defeating flippancy.

The company doesn’t consider fraud a real problem, accused indie devs of attention-seeking, and says even if it went away, the problem that isn’t a real problem would still be a problem.

After publishing a lengthy article dismissing critics, G2A is now weakly claiming that what it does isn’t bad because others are doing what they do.

Not great.

Mike Rose’s petition: https://www.change.org/p/game-developers-g2a-stop-selling-indie-titles-on-your-platform
G2A’s post: https://www.g2a.com/news/latest/g2a-vows-to-pay-devs-10x-the-money-proven-to-be-lost-on-chargebacks/

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  1. _anyone else reminded of that “we aren’t planning on doing anything about it” email from bethesda?_


  3. well that’s rare to get there’s when there’s only 2 view.
    G2A is open to discussion but you have to get those discussion through dodgy support that prefer to taxes you a crazy amount for a job they should do (verifying keys origin, if they actually work or are the actual correct key and not a dlc slammed under the wrong listing) and of course they have lengthy terms and system to bounce the responsibilities on someone else. And if G2A closed it’d solved a large amount of the problem since it’s one of the popular dodgy seller (with kinguin and its multiple shop rebranding, g2play etc).

  4. Well how bout we only buy keys for EA, Activision Blizzard, 2K, WB and Bethesda games from G2A. Seems like problem solved to me…

  5. It’s not fraud, it’s a surprise bank account cleaning.

  6. Francisco Gutierrez

    I agree with G2A. It’s not credit card fraud, it’s a billing surprise mechanic.

  7. fraud is not a problem, it’s the business model

  8. Well that was a very unexpected Simon Miller cameo.

  9. “To assure honesty and transparency” Why start now, G2A?

  10. Reminded me of the video Totalbiscuit made a few years ago about G2A and Gearbox.

  11. if the refunds had to come from their own pocket instead of the devs I’m sure they’d consider it a problem

  12. The most awful thing, speaking as someone who used to work for G2A, is that they absolutely believe everything that’s written in that article.

  13. If you can’t get the game you want on steam with a good price don’t go to g2a instead try these sites who sell legitimate keys while supporting the publisher/developers.
    Humble bundle

  14. Judge: Why did you murder that man
    Murderer: because if I didn’t kill him, he would have just died in some other way, do you really think that murders are going to stop if I stop murdering

  15. Wasn’t the previous solution of G2A to _sell_ indie devs an “insurance” against fraudulent chargebacks? You know, the “it-would-be-a-shame-if-something-happened-to-your-game” kind of deal.

  16. _”Ayy man i wont stop murdering people, just look at all the other murderers out there.”_

  17. “If you couldn’t buy the keys through G2A then they’d just appear on another storefront”

    Ah, the “British Government sells weapons to SA to bomb Yemeni children” defence

  18. “Hey, it’s not my fault I sometimes sell stolen property.”
    – G2A

  19. François Bergmans

    Yes, I was dealing meth in front of a school. But nature abhors vacuum, do you really believe drug dealing would stop if I was sent to jail ?

  20. Me: “You knew about fraudulent keys being sold on your site for years, and never done anything about it?”
    G2A: *Kanye shrug*

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