Fuck Skyrim (The Jimquisition)

Look, I enjoy a hell of a lot. That’s no secret. But there comes a time where every fan has to admit, y’know, fuck it.


  1. At least Skyrim doesn’t have loot boxes.

  2. They really have to make Elder Scrolls 6…

  3. And here I thought Rayman 2 was the cockroach of video games. I firmly believe that a console is not a console until it has a port of Rayman 2, and will use that in a debate in whether or not the Switch is a console.

  4. Anyone mind telling me what’s going on with the wrestling thing? Is Jim actually going to wrestle? And if so, will he be ok, what with his back and all?

  5. “jim u noob u have to melee the ore deposits with ur pickaxe equip thats y it didnt work”

    – Todd Howard

  6. There needs to be a Fallout 4 mod that lets you play Skyrim on the pip-boy.

  7. Can’t wait till they port skyrim to my car dashboard.

  8. i hit a massive game-breaking bug in DOOM (switch version) where it doesnt accept input from up, down, left and right buttons which makes it impossible to navigate menus and access what those buttons do in combat. and this is a DOOM issue not the console as i then tested on other games and the buttons are fine. and i have messaged bethesda and ID softwear several times and they havnt got back to me

  9. It feels mighty hypocritical when Skyrim is almost praised for having “goofy bugs” when something like Andromeda is critically panned so hard for essentially technically in much better condition that it compromises whole franchise. I don’t get it.

  10. Meanwhile Doom is still completely unplayable on Switch for many people due to a menu glitch. Still pissed I️ got ripped off on that game.

  11. Instead of porting Skyrim so many times, they should’ve been working on elder scrolls 6

  12. Always found Skyrim overrated.

  13. I sayed before the Switch version “NEVER buy a Bethesta game on a console!” and the only thing i earned was hate.

  14. „And those are just the miner bugs.“ Chhrrrrhchchchhhh.

  15. Evidently Jim Sterling doesn’t understand the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Also, you’re not one to talk about Skyrim’s faults when you gave Fallout 4 a huge pass despite its disturbing amount of flaws, it’s lacking, disappointment story, it’s unmemorable characters, its lackluster endings, the many bugs IT had, and it’s subpar handling of the main character.

  16. I’m….honestly shocked that Jim didn’t mention the Creation Club a single time the whole video.

  17. There is a thing called tough love, and Bethesda could use some right now.

  18. Jim Sterling does have potential to be an AMAZING heel wrestling manager. I say go for it, Jim. Bring the Entertainment back to WWE.

  19. $60.00 for that WTF…game isnt even that good 6/10 mostly just a bunch of fetch quest and only lasted this long because mods

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