FromSoftware’s Good Grace (The Jimquisition)

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Special thanks to Stump Cross Caverns for weeks filming location –

Elden Ring has been a ludicrous success, but has that success come at a heavy cost? It’s to know, because anybody daring to criticize FromSoftware lately at risk of unleashing hordes of angry upon themselves.


  1. The cuteness and the energy of “I’m in a cave”, just completely made my day. Keep having fun, even if it is just to distract yourself a bit from what you are reporting on.

  2. People like their stories. People like their heroes. They invest a lot in their heroes. Their idols. And that means anyone calling the emperor naked is a threat.

  3. 3 fucking minutes to get to the point and you spend more then half of that using natural audio from a cave
    Holy shit this is the worst episode in fucking years

  4. Apathy over empathy leads to epicaricacy, which only serves to feed suffering.

  5. Thank God for Jim Sterling!

  6. Thanks for the vid. Always great.

  7. Jim stop biting my ass!

  8. They made a game we love, now they should make how they treat their employees something we love too

  9. I was sitting here trying to figure out what the hell a Thussy was… thinking it was an Elden Ring reference. But I figured it out. It only took 10 minutes.

  10. I think everone needs to remember that Companies and or corporations are not your friends, neither are they your allies, they may tweet a sollem jpg.
    They may even make a few token firings to actually appear to give a damn, but using they’re just covering their arses.

  11. I actually have a Japanese friend who was a developer on Elden Ring, and once it came out he told us that making it was a living nightmare and that he never wants to make a game like it again. He would disappear for weeks due to crunch. He was proud of the final product, but he never wants to work on a game with its scope ever again and I don’t blame him.

    He did say that Fromsoft is otherwise a good place to work. Apparently you can just watch hentai on your break and nobody gives a shit. We got him to show some western Dark Souls memes to Miyazaki, who didn’t understand them at all and supposedly worried for our sanity.

  12. Also are they toad men? I keep wondering about that like are they toad men or are they little turtle men?

  13. I think Japanese work culture is pretty terrible as a whole, those poor poor anime artists.

  14. Most Japanese companies already have lousy working conditions, the lack of maternity support is the norm. So a Japanese game dev having a terrible work culture is no surprise.

  15. Toxic fans are everywhere but not everyone is like that. Majority of FS fans I have chat are fun, clever and understanding only blind and toxic fans which is always vocal about blind wrong thing the company do. Also the condition about their FS workplace is still not clear. I not saying FS isn’t clear. Japan has a poor working condition in general and FS is still a small and niche company at that time. Female employees on game company is only about 0.5% the staff. The reviews is also only has 21 reviews which people tend to give it bad review if they really has problem about that company. The problem is the timing about FS work condition is also coincident, right after ER released and receive massive success what I am saying is I question the motive of the writer behind those posts. In the end I really do wish FS employees and Japan working condition overall will be improve in the near future however I am really annoy when western journalists trying to make quick puck and using old and wrong data for their post. Hoping ER success will improve FR employees future.

  16. I advise everyone to watch the Bellular take on this for full context. It was released 5 days ago and is called From Software Crunched and underpaid or something. I hope that people can get a full view on the story. Including these reported findings are fron 2011 and part of it is mistranslated.

  17. Omg james-steph that dress looks 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Something being “normal” doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT, especially in the world of work. In Victorian times, it was normal for children to be stuffed up chimneys to clean them. That doesn’t make it right!

  19. Alpha Draconis 989

    Damn it, does no one have clean hands anymore!

    Good job Steph for covering it, let’s hope that the rot doesn’t run as deep as some and that Fromsoft strives to make a change for the better.

  20. I want to leave this comment here because i cannot be the only one feeling like this:
    I no longer watch most of the JimQuisition episodes NOT because i don’t like/agree with the sentiments and opinions brought forth.
    No. i’ve been here since year 1 or 2; and it just makes me sad to see the industry go down the sh*tter more & more, *exactly* like you predicted.
    And tbh? this kind of video just makes me very sad at the current state of affairs and how the “general audience” is as much to blame as the Execs that make demands & refuse to correct abuse cases.
    now that i think about it, i can’t help but imagine the dread and frustration you must feel.

    Take care of yourself <3

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