FRIDAY THE 13th: THE GAME – Unlucky For Everyone

Well… this is a bloody shame.


  1. How can you dislike a game with that fuzzy, blonde haired guy with the dislocated jaw screaming in such a silly way… oh…

  2. It sucks because I was really looking forward to it, but with everything I have seen and read, it’s not worth the prize of admission for me.

  3. It’s a kick starter game so I’d give it a break over Triple A titles

  4. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    It’s such a shame, this game has such a cool concept. But it looks so mediocre and boring.

  5. That was not a typical match. It looks like you just hd an inexperienced Jason and from alot of what I had seen most games are more active.

  6. I disagree with a lot of this.
    I think the worst part of this is the game doesn’t really tell you how to play.
    The whole Jason freezing bit is meant to happen, I believe, but the animation is so unclear.
    I also personally love the different ways to kill or run away from Jason…but it barely explains them. This feels more action than atmospheric, which I think works, but I’m not exactly a fan of Friday the 13, so perhaps it’s not what most want or expect from this game.
    Many of the technical issues, like matchmaking, are unforgivable though.

  7. Half Aluminum Chemist

    You could say its so bad that its…

    *puts on sunglasses*



  8. Damashi The Kaotic

    What happened was the car couldn’t back up, and since Jason was in front of the car it was essentially stuck between two narrow walls. You would need to lose Jason, and then come back to the car while hes off killing someone else.

  9. Cute Gamer b(^_^)d

    When Jason is “frozen” it means he’s stunned and you should leave the area. Going constantly back to same car is a suicide considering it takes time to restart the car. I respect your opinion but that match was simply a bad example. The game just came out and people are already finding out ways to make Jason easier to handle. The real issue is that the game keeps having this problem where your progression is stuck at level 0, even when you already have a few levels (server-side problems.)

  10. That stuff with the car happened mainly because the person driving was absolutely awful. Jason only breaks the car if you drive straight into him, they could have just reversed or try anything other than move forward and it would have been fine.

  11. Sorry to hear and see you didnt have fun Jim.

  12. The game is really fun to play. It’s light on content, but what’s there is really enjoyable. I’ll get £30 worth of enjoyment from it, and hopefully it’ll improve over time.

  13. needed single player offline story mode of some kind.. online mulitplayer only gameplay doesn’t cut it

  14. This game shows off a lot of what I hate about multiplayer games.


    Players fucking up the game/experience

    (The rest of these happen in other multiplayer games but not in this video)

    Connection issues

    Lobby issues

    And taking the control away from the player and putting it in the hands of the community. For example, maybe I want to play on this one map, but it’s an unpopular map (though I’ve either not tried it and want to, or I like it) thus, I can never play on that map.Nor on any of the other maps that aren’t the like, 2 or 3 popular ones that everyone exclusively plays on.

  15. The SilentCaay Channel

    4 seats to the car… Because this is clearly the time to be worried about legal seating arrangements… “Oh, it’s full up? No problem, guys. I’ll just catch a bus or something. See ya.”

  16. Wow, lots of people defending this game. Salty over spending $40 on garbage guys?

  17. Heroic Knight #1

    this………. you made me call you shit at how bad you were at reviewing this game. what about character progression, what about the stats on each character, what about the fucking weapons? You only went on one match and declared “Oh this game is shit better ridicule it since i am so bad at reviewing”.

    Edit: Ok, i realize i was a bit pissed off at just one review, you arent bad at reviewing. i am just pointing out problems from your review of this game that you never pointed out. but sorry

  18. It’s funny reading all the justifications in the comments. We get it, you already bought it and are either legit enjoying it or don’t want to admit you got got, but I’m sure Jim’s basing his opinion on more than just this match and the car debacle. Having better teammates isn’t going to fix the clipping issues, glitches, terrible stilted animations, terrible voice acting, matchmaking, lack of content, clunky controls and characters that move so slow you’d think they were all holding in some violent diarrhea

  19. it’s OK if ur peeing ur self just not on a one night stand xd

  20. It isn’t a disappointment if you knew right from the start this game was going to be trash garbage.

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