Fortnite’s Black Hole Numbers SECRET REVEALED..

Fortnite Chapter 2’s Secret hole numbers SOLVED. Fortnite Season 11 or Fortnite Chapter is also rumored to start on Tuesday 🙁

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Hey my name is “Hollow” or “HollowPoiint.” I LOVE uploading videos Call of Duty, Fortnite, Lets Play Walkthroughs and tons of more Story game driven video games!

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  1. Thanks you all who consider using my Creator Code for launch of Season 11 <3
    Code: HollowolloH


    Mom: why have you been in your room for 5 hrs
    Me: staring at a black hole

  3. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    2009 kids: watching Kobe winning his 4th ring

    2019 kids: staring at a black hole

  4. “The numbers mason, what do they mean?!”

  5. Imagine staring at a black screen what a life you live


    1920: playing outside
    2019: staring at a black hole for 2 days
    People: “oh, that’s not bad, black holes are interesting things”
    YouTube: ” oh its in a video game”
    People: ???????


  8. The code says “drink more ovaltine”

  9. PixalCrusher DeGlata

    The “others” are the visitors one of the visitors were stuck in a time loop.

  10. Just like my dad going to get cigarettes, let’s see who comes back first

  11. when 69 popped up my friend was like

    “6ix9ine is getting released soon”

  12. No one:
    Epic Games: *69*

  13. We be watching this black hole as if it were the Apollo 11 moon landing

  14. We’re asking who the others are, these questions were asked 15 years ago in Lost

  15. 2009 kids: Damn this new Lady Gaga music video is so weird

    2019 kids: *starring at a black hole*

  16. See Me in Ultimate

    1950s: “We’ll have flying cars in 2019”
    2019: *kids starring at black holes*

  17. “OH, something is happening. 69.”

    -Hollow 2019

  18. 2012 kids:”Oh no !,now it’s doomsday”

    2019 kids:”Oh no !,now it’s End of Fortnite”

  19. Mom: so what’s your plans for today
    Me: Staring at a black hole

  20. 1930: we are going to have flying cars in 2019!

    2019: let’s stare at a black hole for 2 days!

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