Fortnite: Watch the FULL World Ending Event Before Season 11 Gameplay!

The end of the classic Fortnite map as we know it is here and it took place with a crazy event. Then a blackhole appeared. See both take place here!

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Watch more on IGN here!
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  1. So where ecactly is your nEW mAP gAMEPLAY (edit: it was in title for 2 min)

  2. Nobody:
    Fortnite: yall need a black hole or something?

  3. I’ve never played fortnite but that was pretty cool

  4. Lol fortnite just took all yo money and was like WE GONE!!!

  5. Ok, if there’s something Fortnite does right it’s right this: world changing events are totally in-game, delivering them in a better way than with a boring cinematic. Too bad I don’t like the game itself

  6. Nobody:

    Fortnite: lmfaooo ima bout to dip

  7. If you can say one thing fortnite does right, it’s these “events” pretty cool if games like this did something similar where you can actually watch and be there when it happens
    Edit: Sheesh this the most likes I ever got lol

  8. Pewdiepie's unsuccessful cousin


    Everything you bought:

    Fortnite:BOONK GANG

  9. Jonesy: Did you do it?
    Visitor: Yes
    Jonesy: What did it cost?
    Visitor: Everything

  10. Players: ” Fortnite just vaulted their own game where is my refund?”

    Epic Games: Thanks for playing now go outside and get a new hobby!”

  11. Nobody:

    Fortnite: ight imma head out

  12. this is like when nick did the days of play and stopped airing cartoons for like a whole day

  13. Twitter: dark mode
    YouTube: dark mode
    Instagram: dark mode
    Fortnite: we now know what we need to do.

  14. Imagine after the event is “over” and the black hole is over and the new map is available the and error appears stating “thank you for playing” and it disappears and your game gets deleted and fortnite is a distant memory

  15. Meanwhile on everybody’s screen:


  16. Girl in this video: I’m gonna cry. This is really emotional

    Me: Crying because my horse died in red dead

  17. “You can’t leave us hanging like this”

    Well, we’re here still waiting

  18. Fortnite: “Chapter 2 awaits…”

    COD mobile: “Oh true”

  19. “There it goes! It’s like it saved the island!”

    Fortnite: lol that’s funny

  20. supreme vaton gucci head band


    Fortnite: “I’m about to go siko mode”

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