Fortnite – Season 9 – Cinematic Trailer

The volcano has erupted and forever changed some long lasting locations – from the ashes, Neo Tilted rises. Grab the squad to explore the bright lights of new attractions like Peely’s Banana Stand and Nugget Hut. Catch a ride and quickly traverse areas by flying in and out of the new Slipstream wind transportation system.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  1. Hey Noob Master 69, this is God of Thunder!

  2. Vainglory Gameplay’s

    Endgame spoilers

    Black Widow didn’t stick the landing(53m)

  3. This gotta be one of the darkest cinematic trailers for Fortnite

  4. Dam remember when fortnite sacrificed the pump for the soul stone lmao.

  5. Yeah they added the new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to the map

  6. Minecraft Astronaut

    Jonesy: doesn’t have food in the fridge
    Also jonesy: *eats his buddy*

    Jonesy: *modern problems require modern solutions*

  7. Your friendly Neighborhood punk

    Epic: what’s being vaulted next
    Everyone: tact shotgun
    Epic: pump shotgun it is

  8. When we said shotguns would be irrelevant because of the drum gun we didn’t mean they would be non-existant

  9. Next gun to be vaulted is going to probably be the Assault Rifle.

  10. Fortnite Community: We Want Double Pump Back!

    Epic Games: Do I Hear Vault The Pump!

  11. Community:”we want all old weapons back!”

    Epic games: removes pump shotgun

  12. Fans: Pump-Drum Gun is too OP
    Epic: vaults pump
    Fans: am I a joke to you

  13. *Starting Over 1 Month Ago*

    Community: REVERT
    Epic: Poison traps is what I heard?
    Epic: And you want stretched res removed?
    Epic: You want longer infinite dab dont ya?
    Community: Unvault Drum gun!

    Epic: Did you say You want to replace the pump for drum gun?

    Community: BRING back PUMP
    Epic: *I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that*

  14. “Yess I got a grey tac” said my friend

    …Sums up everything

  15. Ok fine i have already decided to move on apex legends.
    The pump vault destroyed the Game

  16. Player: double pump

    Fortnite: no

    Player: pump and tac

    Fortnite: no

    Player: pump

    Fortnite: NO

  17. JamieTimothy Smith

    They should vault the tactical shotgun and unvault the pump shotgun

  18. Fortnite: *removes pump*
    Also Fortnite: im about to end my game’s whole career

  19. Season 10
    Epic: *vaults building*

  20. This is how many people will leave fortnite in the next month

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