FORTNITE *SEASON 11* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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New Fortnite end of season 10, season 11 (chapter) 2 event countdown gameplay live stream!

Use Fortnite Support a Creator code “TypicalGamer” if you’d like to support me when getting V-Bucks!


  1. How I did in PE today

    Damn, even when there’s a live event, people are still thirsty for kills.

  2. – Can I make a live event?
    – To Release a new season?
    – Yiiiis
    – *actually delays the update like a boss*
    _Black Hole Time_

  3. Typical Gamer: I had an insane day today

    His day: Staring at a hole and talking to the chat. Plus getting 414K likes just doing that.?

    And this was his most liked stream

  4. Grandkids: well what did you do when u were youger grandpa?

    You: well i stared at a black hole for 8 hours…..

    Grandkids: …..

  5. me: *wakes up extra early for season 11*

    fortnite: you know what? we’re gonna make you think something is gonna happen at ten. and we’re also not gonna let you log in for the one event. *and we’re also deleting our whole game and make you waste four hours watching absolutely nothing.*

  6. Apple with 1,000 subscribers challenge

    Teacher: so, tell me what have you been doing this weekend?
    Me: i’ve been watching black hole this whole day

  7. When the actually game is just staring at a black whole but Typic Gamer makes it fun?‍♂️

  8. Adults: staring at screens for too long makes you have less patience

    Epic games: 1:18:18 – eternity…

  9. This is how many years ive stared at the screen but….


    ON RAGE!!!

  10. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Epic Games: Hmm, how should we ruin the game once more?

    Black Hole: Hold my Intergalactic Matter.

  11. Thanos finally did it

    We are in the endgame now

  12. Me: *spends over 500 dollars on game*
    Fortnite: aight ima head out

  13. Y A B 0 I H A R R I S

    this hole is legit the most viewed vid on his channel
    thanos: perfectly balanced as all things should be

  14. No one:
    Literally not a single soul:
    Fortnite: ⚫️

  15. Typical gamer: “this was an insane day”

    Him: *literally just staring at a black for 8 hrs dying in his chair*

  16. 0:15 more like “when this count down goes to zero we get a 5 minute event and then black hole on our screen for 24 hours”

  17. The most viewed and liked stream was him staring at a black hole

  18. Us: we spent hundreds of $ on the game
    Epic Games: “J Jonah Jameson laugh”

  19. *I started playing and making vids on Fortnite and then the game got sucked into a black hole……? pfft*

  20. No one at all:

    Fortnite: Aight I’m head out.

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