Fortnite Rocket Slammer Pt. 1

Today we’re showing you how we the Rocket Slammer!

See What Else I’m Up To:


Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.



  1. Nice T-shirt! Future merch?

  2. Hi can you make a glider from Fortnite plz

  3. This. Is. Awesome!

  4. You should put glow sticks in the vacuum chamber or heat them then put them in the chamber

  5. Will (Will) Riley

    By the way heres some love from thailand

  6. a tape is always the right porpotions

  7. Finally there some meaning for my life

  8. New shirt? Looks cool.

  9. Gerald Prana Pujaya

    MAKE LIQUID CARBON!! Might be impossible but worth the try..

  10. I love that how you say” FA-OM” instead of FO-AM.I’m not complaiming i absolutely love it .keep saying that

    • Are you deaf? Not only did the subtitles actually catch it as foam, but I heard fo-ohm as well, also who says fa-am not only does the word not look like that when spealt it should sound NOTHING like that it’s OHM NOT AHM

    • stapuft don’t be rude. They were just saying what they heard

    • Abigail Kelly I mean seriously fo-am, am, as in I am, as in how no one has ever said foam, evar, it might be spelled that way but phone is also spelt phone, that doesn’t mean it’s pronounced pee-hoe-nee.

    • I tried to say the way you like saying foam but I failed ?

  11. Sheyenne Peterson

    OMG you should be a science teacher !!! ??

  12. Please do a video on rocket having acetylene gas as a propellant which is obtained from calcium carbide and h2o reaction. It would be cool to see a gaseous propellant in a rocket and worth a king of random project.

    • Aceylene is too dangerous and hard to store in a self made container. Why not use normal estes rocket boosters.

    • Lance M lets make a separate container for both the oxidizer and acetylene first then if it dosent work then acetylene can be mixed with acetone for a stable product as a fuel.

    • Bibek Sunar its not just mixed with acetone, they also fill the container with sand which makes it extremely heavy. There are lots of real life military RPGs out there and I doubt any of them use acetylene as a propellant

  13. Who else hated the vid because fortnite, but watched the entire video to support TKOR?

  14. Please don’t do this uhhhh

  15. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    make another thing from Fortnite

  16. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    make a rocket hammer that uses rockets

    • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming
      Check out The Hacksmith’s video. They do the Reinhardt hammer from Overwatch (metal rocket hammer)

  17. This was meant for you ?

  18. Marty Ray Project

    He’s a future in cosplay. Get after it my guy!

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