Fortnite Mobile Gameplay! 6 THINGS That Changed on iPhone vs. PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Invites for Fortnite Battle Royale's mobile beta are now rolling out (related: might be in, so check your email). As we noted, it runs like a dream — no small feat for a fast-paced multiplayer game running on a mobile platform.

But while this is the Fortnite you know fundamentally — same map, same circle, same pining for chug jugs, and same dreams of cross-play with your PC and console friends — by bringing Battle Royale to the iPhone, Epic Games did need to make some changes to accommodate for (among other things) the smaller screen and touch controls. The biggest quality of life change is a concession to those who play phone games without headphones: footsteps, gunfire, and chests are visible on the screen.

We go over this and five more changes that were to Battle Royale in the video above. Check it out before you dive in to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your next commute.

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  1. I’m really impressed by the visual footstep/gunshot/etc. functionality. Makes the game a lot more accessible for Deaf/HoH gamers.

  2. Selling out at its finest and fastest! Make Rick & Morty look bad

  3. I’m impressed by the fact that it’s got all the same gameplay and aspects all the mechanics are almost the same pubg also released there English mobile version not really sure if it’s 100% put yet but I’ve seen it on Google play and apple store

  4. does this work for iphone 6 not 6s

  5. I feel like I’m the only one that feels like playing on mobile is a crap experience from a visual stand point of view. I have a 2017 iPad, which is not an iPad Pro or iPhone X by any means but it’s no slouch. But, despite this, my graphics look terrible. I get frame skipping everywhere, it feels like it’s running at <30 fps, and the game just looks horrible over all (no shadows, jagged edges, etc.) I emailed my feedback to Epic already but I'm just wondering if the weaker of the two iPads was left out in the optimization of this initial version.

  6. I for one think it’s crap that mobile gets visual indicators. I’d like them for console/pc too. We have to use headsets to truly be competitive in most matches – mobile users can wear headphones. Who doesn’t carry earbuds with them most places they go if they know they will be playing a game or watching something?

    At least give us the option – those who don’t want them could turn them off.

  7. Does it work with iOS game controllers?

  8. Looks good and I am impressed. But I don’t play these types of games on phones. It just doesn’t feel good to me and it just doesn’t intrest me to play these types of experiences on the go.

    But maybe some quality content can help with the cess pool of crap that usually fills the phone gaming market.

  9. Dont worry about the graphics…i think they will become better eventually(Its still beta remember?)

  10. Guys after sitting down for 2 hours trying to find a way to make it work I found something through the settings which made it compatible go check it it will save you time


  12. With this artstyle and lower resolution textures on the iOS port this looks exactly like a zoomed in Sims 4.

  13. 10 seconds of Info

    The biggest change is….

    Your iPhone can run it smoothly than on your MacBook Pro.

  14. Why are my graphics way worse?? Help me!!

  15. lmao whoever is playing in-game is garbage

  16. How do u play with different platforms

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