Fortnite Is Violently Addictive To Children, Knobheads Claim

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Nine News, not content to have its snide tactics exposed on The Jimquisition, is back with yet another falsified controversy.

This time, the tabloid rag claims Fortnite is coming to ruin the lives of your children. As Nine News does.


  1. Deimos kai Aischylos

    I watched _Alien 3_ alone when I was but five or so. I played _Mortal Kombat_ for my SEGA Genesis right around the time I first got it, along with all of the sequels as they became available. I played _Loaded_ and _ReLoaded_ for the Playstation. I have never been in a fight, I go out of my way to save insects and other animals, and I do not harm people. I was taught how to tell the difference between real and pretend, and that actions had consequences. Why in the hell is that so hard for parents to teach today? Nope, so much better to give into peer pressure and to blame video games for your lack of parenting.

  2. The news has a more detrimental impact on my mental health issues than video games.

  3. Yeah, sure, go after the game that has cartoon-like graphics and no blood/low violence, and doesn’t even have loot boxes in it’s free BR mode, for being violent and addictive…
    The fact that people still in all seriousness claim that this kind of bullshit has any sort of founding in the real world, is quite honestly baffling.

    Also, Fortnite doesn’t have a chat feature? It has in-game voice chat, and text chat in the lobby as well. Goes to show people who write this kind of bullshit never saw a video game from anywhere closer than from 5 aisles over, at the store.

  4. “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” is a blatant manipulation tactic. But framing it that way they make any opposition to their position implicitly opposed to the best interests of children, which is a load of nonsense of course. I could agree entirely with someone’s opinion and still not give a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys about their damned sprog.

  5. lol probably the ONLY shooter game on the market now that doesn’t have ANY blood.

    But oh god, it’s so violent!

  6. Musical Neptunian

    As an Australian channel 9 news is indeed shit kicker central. They don’t care about news in anything. In fact Australian media is mostly full of ratings chasers with an allergy to basic facts. The only good media outlets in Australia are ABC [Australian broadcasting corporation] or SBS [special broadcasting service]. They are not perfect. But compared to channel 9, ABC and SBS are saints .

  7. existential. anarchist

    bad journalism is more dangerous than video games.

  8. The Illuminati's Intern Guy

    people who play fortnite are more likely to build shit when the shooter comes

  9. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Why is the news run by a bunch of old farts that are still living in the past?

  10. Parents honestly have nothing to worry about. This games influence AT THE WORST will make your kid build a cardboard fort in their backyard lmao

  11. Wait, do you have a kid Jim? O_o ….You mean someone on YouTube can have a kid and not shove them into every video for those “OMG CUTE” views at the extreme detriment of the actual video itself?

  12. The media is a serious probelm, can it be a jimqusition topic?

  13. Candi's Classic Game Shrine

    Wait…all this time I thought books and Rock and Roll was gonna turn me into a psycho killer?


  15. It’s almost as if the media has the equivalent of ADHD when it comes to getting angry about stuff. They pick one every other week.

  16. As an Australian, I can confirm that 9 news is just pissy because nobody takes them seriously anymore. They really are the equivilent of those celebrity gossip magazines.

  17. Omg, I actually remember the book-burning stuff involving the Harry Potter series! I was a kid and I saw the “Harry Potter is getting children to learn the dark arts” story on the news, and even back then, I thought it was all ridiculous. Because even at that age, I could tell the difference between magic in a fictional story and the idea of turning people into newts in real life.

  18. I wasn’t playing mortal kombat when I was 10; it was banned here in nannystralia

  19. ADHD, anxious and depressed ex child here. . . Video games gave me an outlet and helped build my creativity. I played Baldur’s Gate so much and built imaginary worlds and characters and stories and it helped build the person I would become.

    So did my taste in music. So did my movie nights with my mum.

    Media matters, duh.

  20. 12:15 hiccups jim?

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