Fortnite did an OOPSIE…

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Hey there – I’m Ali-A! I make Fortnite videos on everything new – Updates, live events, new and more. Thanks – Enjoy the video! 😀


Fortnite Maps! ➖
🔨 Gun Game! – 9378-2655-7894
🔨 World! – 6799-0061-6728
🔨 Box Fight 1v1 – 2345-5663-8681
🔨 Box Fight 2v2 to 5v5 – 2066-1508-4270
🔨 Box Fight 16 Players – 0354-3907-1263
🔨 Box Fight 16 (Respawn) – 7211-0450-1109

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➖ The equipment I use!

Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


  1. “look, I’m not saying I’m jealous, but I am jealous.” 🤔hmmmm

  2. I got those headphones

  3. What makes me really mad is the fact that Darth Vader literally has a lightsaber ON HIS BELT! It could have had and animation of unhooking it from his belt and turning it on

    Edit: I actually have had the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 for months now and it is amazing guys try it out. Though I didn’t know there was a Bluetooth feature.

  4. Hey Ali-A can u shout out my friend his YouTube is ICYY_A

  5. oooooo

  6. Btw Ali Batman has 4 skins

  7. gg galaxy gamer control

    So that’s how Colombo died

  8. just saying spiderman isn’t the skin with most different varieties of skins fishstick is

  9. james evangelides

    Thank you alia for the amazing content

  10. i love your vids

  11. deandre edgerson

    I thiught it was going to to be an Xbox skin

  12. i usume he was sponsered by turtle beach

  13. 8:21 someone In the loop of madness

  14. 1:08 “Mom I just hit a clip!!”

  15. Always cap

  16. When he said fortnite is giving free stuff out for playstation and xbox I was like XBOX!?!?!?!

  17. Batman has at least 3 skins

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