Fortnite Battle Royale – 50v50 Announce Trailer

Grab your friends and jump into ’s limited-time 50v50 mode. The mode is only around until Dec. 17, so take part in some epic battles while you can!

Enjoy the track?


  1. Trailer looks sick but the team mates will probably kill every body who got a legender or Epic


  3. I really want this to not be limited and be an actual game mode, but I would rather have them make more limited game modes and see who likes the best one and keep that one


  5. 0:16 the girl with helmet brings a shotgun in long range battle

  6. This. Is. AWESOME!!! Great trailer too! Can’t wait to play more today!!!

  7. This is super liiiiiitttttt!!!!???

  8. FORTNITE!!!

  9. Expection: coordinated major battles with giant forts and missles
    Reality: squads but with more people to carry you

  10. DeGameTerrorSquad NL


  11. Please epic games import c4 to this game

  12. Please keeep itttt

  13. why in the fuck would you not make this a forever thing? smh

  14. Das ist voll scheiße nur für eine Woche wie so nicht mehr das ist echt gemein :(echt schade der neue modos ist voll geil aber für eine Woche ist es scheiße ?


  16. Now that I realize, people who haven’t played this game mode yet says it’s sick because they think you spawn in a castle vs another castle with guns. but it’s just like solo with 49 people

  17. Did he really brought a Shotgun? 0:18

  18. G̷l̸i̸t̷c̵h̶e̷d̴

    Why the fuck are PUBG fans here if you hate the game don’t bother watching their videos and playing it. Fortnite copied this Fortnite copied that. Grow up its just a game that have the same genre. So your saying cod and destiny copied eachother. No they didn’t so please if youvdont like the game then just leave. Simple as that.

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