Fornite Battle Royale – The Manhole Method of Trapping at Tilted Towers

Next time you’re at Tilted Towers, might want to watch your step.

Update: Glad to have gotten everything settled with xperthief and the misunderstanding about some people thinking I copied him – we both found we came up with almost exactly the same approach as a coincidence. He was really cool about the whole situation and resolving it.

Anyway he’s posted a video of his take on the Tilted Towers deathtrap, I enjoyed it so go check it out.

And here’s SKTGaming who also has a video of him doing this, link below.


  1. That’s creative

  2. Evil Genius!

  3. We just found the exact same thing just last night, just make sure this doesn’t blow up alright? This is our little secret.

  4. Stop it, satan.

  5. Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights

    That’s great! Could I use your clip in my video?

  6. You’re mean. I love it.

  7. Haha sick dude, can I use this one for my compilation?

  8. nightmare biohazard

    Wheres that spot?

  9. You was in BCC trolling!

  10. Nice vid subing

  11. great vid keep it up

  12. I came from Xperthief channel

  13. Can I be your friend


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