Former Borderlands Actor Accuses Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Of Dishonesty, Greed, Assault

It started with a former Borderlands voice actor saying Gearbox wouldn’t pay him to reprise the role of Claptrap in Borderlands 3. It ended (for now) with an allegation of assault.

David Eddings, who voiced Claptrap in Borderlands prior to the upcoming sequel, has been in a public and nasty dispute with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford in which allegations of secret bonus money, duplicity, and physical assault have reached boiling point.

Eddings alleges he was assaulted by Pitchford in 2017, and further claims the CEO is routinely dishonest and secured a $12 million bonus for himself.

Once again, Randy Pitchford is at the center of a controversy, and once again Borderlands 3’s name is tied to a major crapstorm.

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  1. Drakulas Kuroyami

    $12 million and he still couldn’t afford to buy a second flash drive?

  2. Randy Pitchford: The Handsome Jack of the AAA game industry.

  3. During the SAG-AFTRA negotiations for the interactive contract, one of the things said to the actors by the AAA game company execs present is that they can’t pay actors more because it would shrink their own executive bonuses.

    And here’s a story where the circumstances are LITERALLY that.

    Food for thought.

  4. “Pornography Storage Expert” <— I'm dead.

  5. Hey Jim, you should coin the phrase “Pitchfording” for when a Game Exec plays the victim in a controversy in which they are, in fact, the perpetrator.

  6. “There was no force – he wanted it.” Randy ‘Candy In My Vandy’ Bitchford, CEO of Gearbox.

  7. Whether or not you believe that Randy Pitchford is innocent of these charges you can’t deny that he’s incredibly unprofessional and isn’t fit to be a CEO

  8. Honestly? Love Gearbox. At least the games they put out (usually). *Hate* Randy Pitchford.

    That about sums it up for me.

  9. He sounds like every rapist in movies and books, He/She wanted it and reveled it it/ or they enjoyed it.

  10. “Once again Randy Pitchford _lies_ at its heart” – I see what you did there!

  11. Tru Spartan 117

    Remember when Gearbox was just some goofy dudes making Blushift and Opposing Force?

  12. “He”s been terminated!”
    Randy WISHES he terminated him – he didn’t get the chance to and sounds really salty since Claptrap flipped him off and quit before he got to I guess.

  13. I’m no psychologist, but Randy Pitchford sounds like a classic narcissist.

  14. 0:06 “Randy Pitchford” “Lies at it’s heart”

    I see what you did there Jim 😉

  15. isnt He some sort of magician?
    He would work well with biowaRed
    bioware magic as the New ceo magician

  16. “There was no force. He wanted it.. and _R E V E L E D_ in it.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    -Randy Pitchford 2019

  17. “There was no force, he wanted it and reveled in it”. Genuinely made my skin crawl.

  18. Masochistic Meese

    I want to actually support the developers, but I don’t want to line the pockets of Rancid Shitford: Man-child extraordinaire

  19. Wiseman Dragonexx

    It’s called DARVO.
    Reverse Victim and Offender

  20. Pitchford’s tweet straight up reads like a Trump tweet.

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