Flying Trucks & Good times on GTA 5

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Friends in the Video:
@VanossGaming @KingLuiCalibre @Terroriser

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. Thumbs up if you think H20 and team should get back into Rust! Rust youtubers are getting lots of views!

  2. Ducktails_moontheme.mid

  3. Play The Walking Dead

  4. You made vanoss’s video funny af

  5. I saw a couple guys do this on tik tok

  6. Facts

  7. 10:46 instantly reminded me of that one animated video when you said “Give birth.

  8. Yooo delirious resident evil 4 remake is officially out when u gonna play it??

  9. Hey Delirious have you tried GTA 5 RP it is fun and not dead live GTA online I know the perfect server you could play on MapleHearts RP really fun and really free

  10. Play more Gta5

  11. Amazing video!

  12. Resident Evil 4 remake just released

  13. This reminds me of my hen they use to play just friends having fun

  14. This reminds me of some stuff they used to do way back when, love it

  15. You and the crew could do content every week like this and all us fans would be happy! Thanks!

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