Flowers Are Dead – The Worst Trailer Of All Time For The Worst PS4 Game Ever (OMGH!)

Welp, they’ve done it again! The weirdos at Sony have done it again. The official PlayStation YouTube channel put up a trailer for this PS4 exclusive, Flowers Are Dead, and the whole thing is amazingly dreadful.

The trailer is the worst way to sell a game you could imagine, made worse by the fact that it’s literally reflective of the final product, which is even worse. A total *nothing* game that nonetheless costs $19.99, this is a bigger misfire than when Sony promoted Life of Black Tiger.

At least you could DO something in Life of Black Tiger. This is… how? How has this happened?

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  1. “No, it’s an E-meter” so Everyone’s Gone to Xenu then?

  2. I just bought Dishonoured 2 and Titanfall 2 for less than this game on the PlayStation store.

  3. “We really wanted to establish a mood, a feeling, a sense of emotions with the first minute of the trailer.”
    “Was that mood ‘vague boredom?'”
    “…Technically, that is a feeling. So yes.”

  4. Sarasaland Subserviant

    Nintendo doesn’t understand online, Microsoft doesn’t understand exclusivity, Sony doesn’t get quality control.

  5. Buying a obviously bad game, that’s bad. Just to see how bad it is.
    Some may say; you’re wasting your time and money.
    I say; you’re doing the lords work.

  6. Maybe some sony executive is letting their child put their awful collage projects on the store?

  7. “Why am I strapped to this machine?” I’m guessing that’s a quote from someone sat down to play the game…

  8. Walking about slowly in an empty map listening to tapes drone on at you? Jim, you’ve just bought Fallout 76 again.

  9. This makes those ads for searching puzzle games look absolutely breakneck.

  10. So someone is trying to one-up Life of Black Tiger? Is it Fred Fucks?

  11. why are so many first year college projects ending up on PSN?

  12. You can buy elite dangerous for the same price, and for all its faults that’s worth tons more than this

  13. You would not believe your eyes
    If a couple dozen fireflies
    Flew around a bench as you fell asleep

  14. I’m pretty sure playstation just says if you give us x amount of money we will advertise your game on our page

  15. This is the most HONEST trailer in years! xD

  16. The real question is when did Sony start calling game developers ‘flowers’?

  17. Looks like an early 00s tech demo with no NPCs. Lame.

  18. An F to the 19.99$ sacrificed by Jim Sterling to inform us without any doubt, that the trailer was quite genuine in its display of the actual game. *salutes*

  19. For $3.99 you can unlock the full trailer through the PS4 store.

  20. I’m pretty sure that this thing, just like “The Life of Black Tiger” was a money laundering scheme. They used to do this with direct-to-video films.

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