Five Nights at JR’s: Part 2

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  1. the mangled is absolutely terrifying they made it look exactly what it is just an animatronic made of parts and it’s so freaky especially the music going with it

  2. 5:50
    52:02 🤣
    1:00:04 😵

  3. Solar Wind Speed: 475 km/sec


    Solar Wind Magnetic Fields: Bt 5 nT, Bz -3 nT

  4. jr’s can be found in the Midnight Motorist minigame in fnaf 6

  5. he said foxy and bonnie and he had alredy fixed bonnie when bonnie and foxy were in the same room.

  6. The Cupcake has a PACIFIER and Chicka is READY for BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂

  7. Insaniplier

  8. Funtime Speedpaints


  9. It’s mark saying “mhmm nahhh” when the ghost smiled 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. The amount of work they put into the designs of the animatronics alone is just mind blowing! Everything is so well thought out and executed and it’s all a fan game. That’s just amazing to think about.

  11. Holy shit JR’s from the FNAF mini game!

  12. 31:31 I love how they remade the intro of the fnaf 2 trailer

  13. the music in the credits was an altered version of the music in the racing mini game you have to play in Pizzaria sim to get to JR’s. just something I noticed.

  14. “Oh its adorable! Oh… It’s traumatized. OH it has anxiety”. Me too baby Bonnie. Me too.

  15. bonnie hit 0

  16. I’ve got to say, I LOVE their take on the fnaf horror. The models actually scare me.

  17. Mark you have to beat the 20 mode you have tooo!!!!!

  18. Well starting with part 2 is indeed not the smartest xd i have no idea what you are doing and don’t see shit on those lil screens xd

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