Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Full Horror Game Playthrough w/ Lui (Countdown to FNAF Movie)

Friends in Video:

Lui Calibre – @KingLuiCalibre

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  1. “Where he would fuck… where he would kill them..” 😂😂

  2. i flipping love these videos

  3. Love how Vanoss probably watched game theorist Matthew Patrick to figure out the lore up to fnaf 3 so he could give us the full lore dump.

  4. dude i’m not scared

  5. a cold metal tongue licking ur balls would u finish? vanoss 2023

  6. most lore accurate narrating 3:21 which crushed his bitch ass to death….

  7. Canids story time 😊

  8. i know for a fact evan watched the mat pat final timeline

  9. Each time Evan plays FNAF, he gets a new weapon 💀

  10. I love this series so much keep it up king

  11. I’m ready for Freddy

  12. Fnaf 4 next 😂

  13. Vanoss is about to be the biggest FNAF fan

  14. Brian, really going into character, huh?

  15. Keep these lui videos going man, great job

  16. I have a feeling Vanoss’ understanding of the lore comes from a lil ol youtuber called MatPat instead of his ‘7-8 runs of the first two games’

  17. I wonder if they’ll attempt to get the good ending, but it isn’t necessary.

  18. When you play the audio, it lures springtrap(the yellow bunny) away from you. When hes in the window, play the audio.

  19. This made me laugh so much 😂

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