First Look at Nintendo Labo

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Get ready to , and with Labo! Labo is a new line of interactive experiences that combine with the magic of . Available on April 20, 2018!

Learn more about Nintendo Labo here:

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  1. Άγγελος Αλεξάνδρου

    Carboard box that includes carboard

  2. NINTENDO WTF Back at it again with the creative af ideaa

  3. Whoever came up with this needs a promotion. Genius! I hope people can eventually create their own stuff with cardboard boxes that can also be interactive with the Nintendo Labo.

    • I don’t think that will happen, but I do see them doing DLC. Some of the creations shown aren’t in either kit, and think about it- Nintendo could make this into Amiibo with a much higher profit margin and much lower supply issues. Send out sheets of cardboard, update the game, and voila, you’ve just made new content that you can make a huge profit margin off even if you sell it for just 2-3 dollars apiece. That would really convince me to buy. Right now, I love Nintendo for doing something so creative, but I probably won’t buy it- but if you can get a bunch more of those for a few dollars I would buy for sure.

    • I haven’t even checked the costs yet, but it’d be great if this could be affordable with more complex cardboard creations that could grab the attention of teens and adults. This is almost like the new interactive Lego.

    • Erika M Thanks. Someone that leaves a decent and great comment. Liked your comment!!!

    • They can and will! All the designs are going to be released online fir free, you just have to buy the software. And they are encouraging people to make their own stuff.

      I saw this great picture of a guy with a cardboard shotgun saying “ready to play some doom on my switch!”

  4. I just want it for the piano lol

    • And me the tiny robot.
      You know, the one who move with the vribations of the two Joy-Con.
      It is so dumb and so genius at the same time. And I already imagine all the thing that we can do with. A parkour race with this little robot will be so awesome.

    • Enis Karra lol so true

  5. Genius

  6. ShimmeringSpiritStar

    This is now a meme

  7. Xbox: So what if Kinect failed? It’s not like Nintendo will be successful in selling cardboard!Nintendo: Hold my beer.

  8. Callum Nightingale

    I can’t wait see people playing the complete work of Mozart on some cardboard and a switch

  9. CIENCIA Y CULTURA Documentales en HD.

    ES: La calidad del cartón me da miedo.
    EN:The quality of the cardboard scares me!
    JA: 段ボールの品質が私を怖がらせる

  10. Omg this is so amazing

  11. Vendiendo los envoltorios de las wii u que no se vendieron jajjajaja

  12. Say what you want about Nintendo, but you have to admit they have the most imaginative and ambitious ideas out of any game company.

  13. 32 yo gamer: this is stupid

    Nintendo: it’s for kids

    32 yo gamer: it’s just cardboard

    Nintendo: it’s for kids

    32 yo gamer: yes, but how is it for me

  14. Why buy games when you can build them with cardboard😂

  15. Go home Nintendo you’re drunk

  16. Julie: Pokemon Trainer from the Tartarus Region

    4K has nothing on cardboard origami.

  17. Is this cardboard available in full HD?

  18. _At nintendo headquarters_
    We can’t afford to manufacture more consoles, what do we do?
    *Wait a second*

    • Pasi. Nintendo does not make a lot of money, lol, and they don’t have a lot in the bank. What Nintendo does have is IPs like Mario that are worth billions upon billions in assets, but not actual money allocated in Nintendo’s hands. For scale, Sony made more money just for PSN subs than Nintendo did in 2016, obviously that number is higher now with the release of the Switch, so there is a chance that Nintendo now makes more money than PSN subs in a year, but again, that is strictly PSN PS+ subs, lol.

    • Sell Cardboard

    • Les Salazar Bruh I don’t think you get the joke

  19. Great!!
    before he makes it private?

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