First look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch

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Here’s a first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more information on 9/12.

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  1. I’ve never been so confused about a trailer this much in my life.

  2. Everyone’s gangsta till someone shows up to EVO with their Switch Belt

  3. It disturbs me that i have no idea what is on the screen

  4. I love how there’s no context to this. Just random people going berserck with a plastic ring.

  5. Looks like the whole family is playing wii fit for Nintendo switch!

  6. Now this is the part where you say “April Fools!” right?


  7. Legit thought this was a parody video mocking Nintendo and their history of dumb controllers and peripherals. I had to triple-check that this was from the official Nintendo channel.
    This basically confirms another Wii Fit style of game now.

  8. Random Speedrunner on twitch “I just beat Dark Souls with the Nintendo wheel thingy on max dificulty”

  9. If you can do this, you should be able to make a new wii sports game. Or, Switch Sports.

  10. You remember throwing the Wii remote at the TV? Now you can do the same thing with your joycon!

  11. This better be a game with damn Miis I swear lmao

  12. Maybe for the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics? As they we’re showing people from France, Spain, Italy, USA…

  13. Me: Hey nintendo can I please get Super Mario Galaxy for the switch?
    Nintendo: Take this strapon instead lol

  14. Reading through these comments at 3am, while being in serious need of sleep is the funniest thing.

  15. The joke is that they actually have space in a San Francisco apartment.

    • You can get a nice 2 bedroom condo here in Tucson for under $50K.

    • @Enthusiastic Gamer median home value in San Francisco is 1.36 million.

    • *I’m sure it was in Oakland*

    • @Enthusiastic Gamer I got your reply in my inbox, but I’m not sure why it’s not here. I totally understand you being happy to leave California. The cost of living and the obnoxious population have made this kind of a ridiculous place to live. I don’t live in San Francisco by the way. I live in Northern California where it’s over a hundred degrees in the summer. The climate is still pretty good compared to what I hear the east coast is like though.

  16. Nintendo WHY are you so goddamn WEIRD

    • isim vermek zorundayim

      no it is, not new or anything , i can guess already it is a wii fit like game , where you have to move your joycons, i am not pretty sure what else those movements with the legs means , it is some struggling something that is also competitive i think

    • @Paul Foxie yeah I’m disappointed smash had no 40$ on disk DLC and character unlocks via lootboxes

    • @Paul Foxie If you want that stuff don’t buy from Nintendo, there are plenty of other companies who can give you that. Do we really need yet another manufacturer who releases the same brick but more powerful every few years?

    • because they’re geniuses

    • @isim vermek zorundayim * pretty much Wii Sports sequel*

  17. A circle? Is this supposed to be a competitor to minecraft? ?

  18. Yes, finally. We were way past due for another bizarre Nintendo idea

  19. No one:
    Nintendo: “what about a controller shaped like a Frisbee

  20. I didn’t come here for the video. Came here for the glorious comments

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