Firebat’s Stupid Plan Against All Odds


  1. Zamos couldn’t actually do 17 on turn 10 because all doomguards have been pulled from his deck so the skull pulls voidlord all the time

    Missed tap

  2. *Talks about coil*
    *Looks at Doomguard*

    “How do we get a 6”

  3. That was fucking brilliant. Maybe my favourite video of yours, just insane planning. World champion plays.

  4. 5:30 playing around third doomguard lol

  5. Amazing game. 10/10. I won 3 games with aggro during this video.

  6. I don’t care what people think this deck is cool. Yeah it kills so many decks just automatically but really this deck is a beauty it can play so many different kinds of games based on match ups this kind of deck only comes around once in a blue moon appreciate it.

  7. And that’s why he’s world champion. Well played Sir, wp !

  8. i thought i just watched a yugioh episode, what a game

  9. Damn you’re insane dude

  10. guuuud plays

  11. That was wild

  12. Damn, that’s some next level playing. Firebat got skillz

  13. wow that was one of the best played games ive ever seen. Pulling it out of your ass.

  14. That was some legit bullshit, but wow, impressive.

  15. 8:08 hit one doomguard with power, other with coil play mistress then defile.

  16. @ 5:27 didnt he already play 2 doom guards so you could have tapped

  17. Woof. I remember when Legend hearthstone was really interesting to watch 1-2 years ago. Cubelock mirror matches? What is this, HCT worlds? So freaking boring to spectate.

  18. 8:15 Couldn’t you have Mortal Coil’d one of the Voidlords and Defile? The opponent’s left Doomguard is 1, the Mortal Coil’d Voidlord is 2 (and 5), the other Voidlord is 3 (and 6), Firebat’s Doomguard is the 4, we have the 5 and 6, and the other Doomguards are 7.

  19. That game was incredible.

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