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Ha, this was recorded just before Square Enix teased a Final Fantasy release on on people got sad at the thought of this being said release.

In any case, I’m mostly here to be horrified by the character models.


  1. Dave The Pitchfork

    So, can you only enjoy this *if* you played FFXV? Or this just a weird, downgraded version?

  2. Nintendo Switch Edition LOL

  3. Not So Melancholy

    They’re really milking this game HARD.

  4. I swear if this is what they give us on the Switch I ain’t buying it.

  5. “Their bones must hurt”

  6. This comment complained about the fact that there is no PC or Xbox One port of this game, but I was informed I was never told about the XBO version or the PC port being announced, I apologize for both spreading misinformation and/or not knowing better. I’m a shitfaced idiot.

    Every like agrees that I’m that, and this self-depreciating humor can continue,

  7. Got a fucking Final Fantasy Clash of Clans ripoff ad before the video.

    This ONE game is competing with CoD and Star Wars for how much you can milk one fucking thing

  8. Atrocious? Atrociously erotic, you mean.

  9. Just happy that FFXV will be coming to PC!

  10. Stephen Mc Devitt

    This is more RWBY Chibi than Teen Titans Go because one is something to keep fans occupied while people are working on a proper new season and the other… is all people are given. FFXV Pocket Edition is the former and I’m interested in playing this weird new version.

    BTW there’s a screenshot of Ardyn and he looks even creepier than before.

    At least there’s the new PC port of the real game coming next year.

  11. That ass in the thumbnail is pocket sized too.

  12. Looks cute. I don’t even follow the Final Fantasy series but this is some unnecessary hate. It’s not the first chibi anime thing you’ve seen surely?

    Completely agree that they should fix the original if it’s got issues rather than make this pocket version the “definitive version” (issues fixed from original).

  13. Am I missing the point here, or people are overreacting? Style is okayish for mobile, and people have to be impossibly stupid, to think that people who develop this and develop the original are the same people, thus it is idiotic to assume that they do this INSTEAD of “fixing” the main game. It’s like saying that if CDPR makes Gwent, they don’t make Cyberpunk.

  14. Alexandra Vitošková

    Looks cool. Will get.

  15. Jimmy's PlaysN'Covers

    Three words: Ugly Windwaker Wannabe

  16. Franklin Robertson

    Does this mean I can play FF XV on PS2 now?

  17. It looks like a shitty unity game and would of belived that unless told otherwise like what is this shite

  18. Holy christ I want to vomit. I passed on World of FF even though it’s supposed to be good because I fucking _hate_ the chibi look in games. But this, oh god this is hideous, it’s like chibi shit mixed with Xbox avatars.

  19. i think their black soulless eyes is what fucks it up lmao

  20. I liked this character design, is so fucking weard, I wouldnt expect less from Final Fantasy

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