Final Fantasy VII Remake – I Have My Concerns (OMGH)

A teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake provided the first tangible scraps we’ve had in about four years. It looks very pretty, but I remain concerned.

The ATB system has been tinkered with, and I fear Square Enix will paint the game’s intriguing themes with broad strokes and focus mainly on the Cloud/Sephiroth dynamic that has been mutated and misrepresented over the years.

Also I talk about Predator: Hunting Grounds.

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  1. If this is episodic I won’t be playing this until all of them are out.

  2. Lets be perfectly clear. This game is not going to be Final Fantasy VII: Remake. It’s going to be Advent Children: Origins.

  3. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Another trailer, boys!
    Just one more decade to go, woo hoo!

  4. Like you’ve said before with Bravely Default, Square seems constantly surprised at the popularity of the traditional style JRPG which got them where they are in the first place.

  5. Nonono, Jim, you’re supposed to STOP attacking when its tail is up.

  6. Limitation breeds innovation.

    Its something I’ve learned the past 30 years of being a gamer. The more a game has limitations placed on it (graphically, processing power, etc.), there will be more focus on other things like story, mechanics, themes and more. If a game is less limited in its development kit, there’s a greater chance it’s going into the graphics engine and not much else.

    Things just seem to have more variety when the development is not just focusing on making things pleasing to the eye.

  7. Francine Mcloughlin

    As someone that really likes traditional turn based systems it sucks seeing modern Square act so embarrassed by it.
    If it werent for the Persona games and Pokemon I would just have no hope left

  8. I really miss turn based RPG game.

  9. “Not SquareEnix now..SquareEnix in the 90’s” So you mean Squaresoft before it merged with Enix, lol.

  10. I too was excited for the Predator game until I saw the fine print say its online/requires PSN. Next.

  11. Do you want to breed the gold chocobo? Cause why not “player choice” one for $12.99?

  12. Just wish we were getting a tech showcase 4k slightly updated turn based battle system with it. Not a fan of action rpgs.

  13. I understand concerns over the change in direction but I would be fine with going and playing the original if I wanted the old game, I’m much more excited to see the world expanded upon with upgraded detail. Hopefully the new gameplay is amazing but even if it is just passable I think I will end up being ok with it since I am a fan of Crisis Core for these reasons.
    Edit: Also an important part to me is that they keep as much of the original events as possible no matter how odd they may end up being in new detail.

  14. I shudder in horror at the microtransactional monetisation opportunities of the Gold Saucer!

  15. I have noticed that when it comes to Japanese RPGs nowadays that only the Final Fantasy games and the Kingdom Hearts games get any attention in the mainstream gaming media.
    Except for those series nobody ever talks about JRPGs in gaming news anymore.
    Sure people talk about the old classics often but most people dont seem to care about the new JRPGs that get released.
    Its like most people only care about western RPGs these days and its like JRPGs have become a small niche market.

  16. ff10 was probly where the turn based system was at the best in my opinion if we culd only get a amazing graphic turn based game with it…

  17. I’m sad that this will be an action RPG type thing. I really wanted it to have the classic ATB system.

  18. Hey, remember that time you travelled to Junon mid way through a parade celebrating a corporate army’s return, all whilst just below the surface, Cloud and Barrett are saving a young girl and multiple dolphins from water pollution? Yeah, I somehow get the feeling that Square Enix may forget about how enjoyable those scenes were.

  19. 100hr+ campaign and in 4 years they’ve got the opening 10 min done…. hope my grandkids enjoy it on ps7.

  20. I’ll have to completely agree with Jim on this. Seems like this game is gonna sum up to Flashy Graphics & fancy battle mechanics; a pretty HD shell of FFVII with no soul. Like to be wrong about that but this all seem cliche coming from Square Enix & if that’s what we’re getting then this remake didn’t need to be a thing.

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