Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2019 Gameplay – Honestly I’m Underwhelmed (OMGH)

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I get it, contrarian Sterling doesn’t like anything. Get it out of your system.

But honestly, the dizzying audiovisual saturation that is Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t getting much of a response from me despite (or maybe because of) my love for the original.

Latter day Square Enix overeggs the chips.

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  1. I think it feels that way because the camera switches every 4 – 10 seconds. Sometimes you get camera switches every 2 seconds.

  2. Ah man now I really want some day-Brie…

  3. After you said you want the city renamed “Eggs” I was really hoping you were going to ask Rufus to be renamed “Chips”

  4. I agree, it is underwhelming..

  5. I watched this video while having breakfast, and now whole-heartedly regret not making eggs and chips. 🙁

  6. Who else is waiting for Team Four Star to finish their Final Fantasy 7 Abridged??

  7. As long as it has a rushed, simplified and often incorrect translation, then I’m good.

  8. A new reason to play FFVII again, i’m in!

  9. Watching this it looks like an action scene. Playing it might be an overload. Even if that is not an issue I don’t want a season of FF7 I want a complete game.

  10. The title for this video should have been – Old man yells at Cloud.

  11. Bethesda :

  12. I’m pretty impressed with some comments here. They disagree with you but in a very mature way. No CAPS and/or any insult just a plain. “I disagree, but I respect your opinion”

  13. Cannot agree with you on this one….it looks like all I wanted tbh….shame I don’t have a console….loool

  14. I agree with you Jim Sterling. I am curious about the remake but I have concerns. I am troubled by the desire to break up the story into episodic content. It means it is likely that the first part of this episodic content will be on current gen systems and future episodes will be on next gen systems. I am troubled about the aesthetic and the changes to gameplay. It looks like a migraine.
    Part of what appealed to me with Final Fantasy VII was the leveling of the characters and the materia. I liked exploring the world and finding the materia. I found satisfaction in leveling up the characters and the materia. Admittedly, you can break the game by doing this to a great extent, but it was still fun and I have fond memories of doing this 20 years ago. Will this game even level up materia? Will this carry over between episodes?

  15. Yeah…sensory overload indeed. I couldn’t watch the video. It was too much.

  16. I actually like the overstimulation. Its chaos, but in a very pretty way. Bring it on FFVII!

  17. So when are you changing your first name to “Eggs” middle name to “&” and last name “Chips”?

  18. Guess I’m in your camp Jim. It is a matter of tempo and presentation.

  19. But if there’s no floating damage numbers how can you tell you’re playing an RPG?

  20. Cagliostro Raven

    It’s weird cracking eggs on your chips anyway.

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