Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

SWORD ART ONLINE is one of most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO—so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!

High School Musical’s TROY LIES!


  1. but i mean if a game like sao came out, wouldnt you play it?

  2. I have both seasons of SAO on blue-ray, if you couldnt tell i love SAO…..

    Edit: as a person whom watched sao about 10 times (im not joking i binge SAO alot) the reason they didnt die at the end was because they bet the game, not coz of armour or whatever


    Kay thx rant over xx luv ya

    • aieroway, beat???? Not “bet”.

    • Javier Farré Avilés

      aieroway well, that you like it is not proof that the show is good. In fact, saying your first anime makes you sound like a fanboy. I kinda like it, but I am not blind, the show is terrible in many aspects.

    • actually part of the reason that they survived was due to Akihiko Kayaba keeping his word to keep asuna from commiting suicide and technically kirito did kill kayaba before he died and thus he beat the game before dying but it also has something to do that there was a certain amount of time before the nerve gear would active the sequence to kill them.

    • Javier Farré Avilés

      MrLam132 in Abridged only. We clearly se Kirito’s HP reach 0 in the original.

    • but the power of boners is stronger

  3. For gods sake Matt, Asuna isn’t a Loli

    • But she’s drawn to actually look older unlike lolis that are drawn to look much younger

    • Wait… isn’t she said herself that she was 18 at the last part of the SAO arc?

    • SAO arc lasted like two/three years. (I think)

    • The traditional definition of loli comes from lolita which is an underage girl. The newer definition is underdeveloped girl. Basically. Kinda. As Mattpat is a pseudo scientist he’s probably using the traditional one.

    • Issue with that is, as the old version morphed into the new one, the old one becomes irrelevant, and as such using a word that has had a slight swap in meaning you’re very likely going to want to use the new version ESPECIALLY on a platform like YouTube.

  4. Do A Theory On YuGiOh!!! I suggest this because, I would like to see if holograms can actually hurt you xD

  5. I heard that there workin on an AI that can create artistic assets from scratch if theoretically they can create one who can scan pictures of architecture and environments then use it to create a lot of the assets and environments in between certain high traffic spots then the cost would be lowered significantly. especially if they only need a few people whose job it would be to tell the AI where to put the town and change small details to give it the “handmade” feel.

    • if that’s to become true though it will be a real helper it will save on doing animations like animals vehicles or humanoid if we see something like that in the future games will be much cheaper I love that way that you’re thinking and I love how you found out about that where did you found that I would love to know

    • @Brandon Lafurge
      I was both right and wrong I got two AI projects mixed up one made 2D game design the other one is attempting to make art though there both from 2014 so mixing them together for use on creating game assets if fully poseable here’s the link to the article and

    • I looked through both of them you seem pretty interesting it would be really helpful I say once it is more evolved and done it will help small Developers like small game any developers a ton from resources and like a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t wait for the next 10 to 20 years from now

  6. So I’ve been having a Disney princess movie marathon and one of my friends mentioned “you didn’t watch Alice in wonderland” to which I was “Alice isn’t a princess, duh” then he pointed out to me that at the very very end of the movie after her she wakes her up, Alice, her sister, and her cat start talking towards a tall castle over a bridge. Not a mansion, but a legit castle. No idea where to even begin to find an answer for this. If you think this is worth looking into like it so Mattpat can see!

  7. ZombieFlesher14 - Gaming

    I can’t believe u made a vr trooper joke?

  8. Matt knows about the Asuna-is-our-waifu community! EVERYONE RUN!!!

  9. Time to rewatch this lol

  10. I love SAO, it’s got to be one of my top 3 anime to watch, but as someone who can admit when has “hit the nail on the head” I unfortunately cannot yet say that for you, because you have forgotten about the underfloors. in the world on SAO, for each floor cleared on top. The game generates an underfloor (a floor beneath the first floor of aincrad) with it’s own boss and dungeon, therefore that would skyrocket the cost because it would basically make the game create an entire floor for each above, meaning that by the presumed end (when a player reached the ruby palace and cleared the game) there would be a total of 199 floors.

    • Personally I Actually Enjoyed the First Season but The second not so much But I wouldn’t put it in my top 3 or 10 maybe top 25

    • Lord Demise LOL, I’m just an extra large smartass, but yes I do enjoy SAO due to the personality (not the OPness) of kirito is almost exactly like mine

    • RSM Shadow what? Where and when has this ever been stated? Is it something recent in the light novels? As I have never heard this mentioned anywhere in the series about under floors. With the only time something like that coming up was in the alfiem arc when they fell down to a lower level and discovered the legendary sword. But that was alfiem not aincard. Unless you mean in the Yui stuff when they went into a dungeon and it had a powerful boss there, but even then I don’t ever remember anything in regards to there being a lower floor and when aincard was destroyed it didn’t seem to show any lower floors either. So where are you getting these under floors from?

    • I am sorry, I re-watched the episode I was referring to (season 1 episode 12 “Yui’s Heart) and found out the exact phrase. Instead of adding/generating a new floor per one cleared above like I mistook, it expands in response to the clearance of the above floors. this was stated by Yulier (The woman that asked Kirito and Asuna to venture into this dungeon) upon entry. As I stated I was wrong about the addition of a floor but the fact that it adds more data to the server’s with every floor that is cleared above, I am sorry for mistaking that also. upon hearing the exact phrase by Yulier, I have come to realise that either every floor above (Like my previous theory) adds more data OR it is already a fully developed floor but just unlocks more as the above ground floor’s are cleared, either way there is an entire dungeon underneath the Town of beginnings in floor one of which I class as an “Underfloor”. now I am only saying this to help this ‘SAO is expensive theory’ even more and not to make an argument, also I am sorry for getting my first statement incorrect, that was a fault upon myself. but whether it does expand and add more data or whether it just gets unlocked, I’d still class this as another floor because it not only is flat ground, as seen during this episode it does have multiple level’s and therefore I personally would class it as a 101st floor

    • RSM Shadow not exactly true. The dungeon only becomes available once certain conditions on a higher floor are met. It also is the only dungeon of its kind and we aren’t shown any on any other floor. So it doesn’t expand anything. It was likely there since the beginning like a hidden level. Also we don’t know the exact size and could be small compared to other dungeons potentially only the size of the town which compartitevly isn’t huge. So yeah it may add a little but overall not much.

  11. Hey mattpat try and actually do research next time, most of the stuff you point out isn’t even true. Try finding true stuff instead of cherrypicking and making stuff up for your low quality content next time buddy.


  13. Could you PLEASE do a horizon zero dawn theory

  14. Hearing mat say sex caught me off guard

  15. $1,000,000,000 <- 1 billion dollars ?

  16. MatPat You accidentally put $1,700,000 instead of $1,700,000,000.

  17. Just let me curl up in a hole and rewatch my SAO box sets and I’ll be right with you…..

  18. Unfunny lootbox joke is unfunny.

  19. “Just put in some Tentacles and Incest and you’ll be fine” Matpat – 2018

  20. This channel is officaly dead

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