FIFA And In-Game Gambling’s Black Market (The Jimquisition)

An alleged crypto mining farm turned to out to be an alleged FIFA Coin mining farm, highlighting the ridiculousness of EA’s sprawling microtransaction economy.

As players “skip the grind” in less legal ways, Electronic Arts continues a years-long struggle against the FIFA black . It’s a struggle EA deserves.


  1. I propose we throw red paint at EA’s corporate headquarters and when they get angry, just say it’s a new “surprise mechanic”

  2. Peepshow Menagerie

    Sigh… Will EA ever learn? Wait, they are making insane amounts of gambling money so I think they already did, sadly. The patches at the Jimporium look amazing btw!

  3. The fact that they made more money doing this instead of mining cryptocurrency is actually kinda insane.

  4. Dear Steph, Please never stop shouting into the void about this. We need to hear it. We need constant reminders as how terrible this industry and by extension the systems that allow this to continue are.

  5. I love that the Giant Wooden Fish has now become this insidious thing like a curse that has passed on from one to another. I full expect Stephanie to start talking to it and it’s spider egg internals like a fellow guest on the show.

  6. What movie “Chappie” thought me is that you can buy a shelve full of PS4’s to print human consciousness into machine. This is a wasted potential for Ukrainian judgement day to occur

  7. Blockinstaller12

    Honestly, I’d rather buy a AAA game off the black market than from the publisher themselves.
    At least there I’m treated like a customer.

  8. Konrad Żukowski

    I haven’t watched Sterling for quite a long time, so seeing them losing so much weight, it’s actually amazing surprising. More surprising than seeing illegal FIFA currency farm being more player friendly then the system EA have created. And the only reason it was illegal was because of electricity theft valued at around 250.000$ per month.

  9. Why am I not surprised that EA’s FIFA makes cryptocurrency look ethical in comparison?

  10. Imagine if there was a global economic system that could make this obscene behavior acceptable. That would be weird.

  11. Cornflakes Humunculus

    Oh goodie we get to talk 100% fact and trash on EA at the same time.

  12. James Stephanie is legit looking better than ever. THANK *insert what you thank here* FOR JIM. <3

  13. Every time I click one of these videos I have two thoughts: Stephanie is looking so beautiful, damn I’m queer…


    Wow, video game companies are the literally worst, aren’t they?

  14. Tenacious Rodent

    My take: Lootboxes will become illegal eventually and the publishers know it and are currently just trying to grub everything they can from them.

  15. “It’s not gambling because there’s the same number of items in each pack.”

    “It’s not gambling because there’s always three symbols when you pull the slot machine lever.”

  16. I’m old enough to remember when Pogs were banned from schools because the game “promoted gambling to children”, but we can’t ban microtransactions which have genuine financial consequences? Make it make sense.

  17. It’s weird to me how many people in the comments want the cursed fish… Also thank god for JSS!

  18. off topic but on topic: Jim, you look energized and healthy.

  19. Series Consideration

    All right, I’m seriously tempted to ask James Steph to mail me that wooden fish. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I could give the fish a tour of the province. Show it the sights. Takes pictures of it at cool locales, etc.

  20. Its funny, you know how casinos make most of _their_ money? Through their own versions of whales they call “cheetahs” and they’ll even try to cater to those people by giving them things they affectionately refer to as “comps” to encourage them to continue gambling. Sound familiar? Almost like almost ANY game that has a MTX storefront…

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