Fear & Fury: How The Rockstar Sausage Is Made (The Jimquisition)

In a special investigative Jimquisition, we collect horror stories from former Rockstar Games employees who worked under a brutal boot heel.

Allegations of abuse, exploitation, and ritual indignity showcase how a company uses terror and anger to create some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

In particular, former VP of Product Development, Jeronimo Barrera, lies at the center of some of the most vile (and bizarre) accusations. By all accounts, he’s a horrible man who perpetuated Rockstar’s culture of fear.

This industry cannot keep going like this. This cannot continue.


  1. Thanks for exposing this nasty rot, Jim. And thank you to those sources for coming forward with their experiences.

  2. Rockstar higher-ups are all on the casino’s, strippers and parties… they’ve played too much GTA

  3. “A game worth one rockstar working week (100 hours)” – Journalist about red dead redemption 2

  4. Could you do a video about the IGN unfiltered with Todd Howard?

  5. When an industry follows a blacklist, they are complicit in the behavior that created the blacklist. I want to know who honored Rockstar’s blacklists, they deserve hell for their part in all this.

  6. You’ve been straying from games journalism in recent years (not that it’s a bad thing). But when you do games journalism, you truly knock it out of the park.

    Keep being you, Jim!

  7. A lot of the time it seems like while the medium itself has grown up, the companies behind the games haven’t.

    Thank God for Jim, and those like him.

  8. Dammit game devs, you need a union. You needed a union 20 years ago.

  9. Kenneth Frierson

    Rockstar: I CAN’T BE TOUCHED

    Jim Sterling: Hold my shrimp

  10. Bloody Hell, what a nightmarish work environment.

    Wait nightmarish is the wrong word, because you wake up from nightmares.

  11. *insert copy paste lawyer-approved, company response, now with 5% more striving to improve*

  12. So Rockstar management didn’t get the memo that you’re not actually supposed to act like the characters in their games

  13. TIL Vice City was just about a night out with Rockstar management.

  14. Beatings will continue until morale improves.

  15. Full version of the Born Depressed cover in today’s intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE_LjxslaoM

  16. Joshua Sweetvale

    Twin Emperors upon their chitin thrones in Rck’Str: “Summon the lawyer-bats!” “Yes, brother… we must see to it the Sterling Shrimp is silenced.”

  17. This is what actual games journalism looks like. Thank god for folks like Jim and Super Bunnyhop.

  18. Hey Patrick, what am I now?
    Uh…A Dictatorship?
    No! I’m The Games Industry!

  19. Jim’s crowning moment as a journalist, IMO.

  20. “You don’t have to be as gay as I am to celebrate Pride Month”

    Is that even possible!?

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