FCC Votes To Kill Net Neutrality

The FCC did what we expected them to do and rolled over for the lobbyists of Verizon, AT&T and those at Comcast.

Most of us – save for a handful of corporations and their self-defeating lapdogs – severely dislike this, but what people want doesn’t matter, apparently.


  1. i immediately realised what was up, because i’m in europe 😀

  2. For 5 seconds I was legit getting mad at my internet, cause it shouldn’t buffer. Then by the third buffer break I finally realized the cheeky trolling.?

  3. Charles C. Patterson

    New York is getting ready to lead a multistate lawsuit against the FCC for this, and Congress is talking about introducing a bill. On top of that, there are so many other people taking this to court. This fight isn’t over.

  4. Waiting for Ajit Pai to die and stop wasting oxygen.

  5. Jim played us like damn fiddle

  6. Yup. This is pretty much what’ll happen if you don’t cough up extra cash to your ISP. Though it would’ve been more believable Jim had you frozen the gameplay footage for about 10 seconds first, then put in the buffering animation. Be even more fun to hit the hammer on the head of the nail by have that gameplay footage at 240p or 360p resolution.

  7. Cap'n Chumpington Esq.

    Ajit Pai really is a SKELETON WARRIOR!!

  8. Well, if everything goes to shit, you guys can all come to Spain! I mean, our goverment is still corrupt as fuck and you will have a hard time finding a job, but at least they are upfront about it and we have a good healthcare system!

    Which they seek to destroy…

    To get more money from it once it gets privatised…

    Plus they made renovable energy so fucking expensive that it’s cheaper to build a nuclear plant rather than a solar farm…

    …Excuse me, I need to reconsider my life choices while standing at the edge of a cliff.

    (Okay, jokes aside, sorry for this bullshit. I can only hope for the best for you people of U.S.A. This is going to have long term consequences…)

  9. I cuaght my isp throttling this video….. nice job asshit pie

  10. The buffering is literally the best example you can give the fuckwits who know nothing and yet still defend the FCC’s attack on NN.

    Edit: to clarify I am defending NN and attacking the people who are against it. (You can find these idiots on TheChive and Twitter)

  11. Thank god for Jim.

  12. You should have made the video stutter in between loading, nothing is more infuriating

  13. Well played Jim, well played.

  14. Nice buffering troll, you got me.

  15. I wanted to watch this video but I’m getting a notification that it’s going to cost me 25 shekels???????

  16. I knew somebody would make a video like this and I had a feeling that it would be Jim to do it

  17. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    LMAO Jim you got me good there, didn’t expect a jumpscare at 3:35

  18. My Internet is total shit already. It took me 30 seconds to realize the buffering was just editing. I can’t imagine how much worse it will be without net neutrality

  19. 2:13 Hahaha I never thought that you would cross the line that boldly with that Blizzard/Activision and the FCC xD Well played, sir!

  20. I watched it all.

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