Fallout 76’s New Patch Puts Previously Fixed Bugs BACK Into The Game

For crying out loud, Bethesda! A new patch for Fallout 76 has resurrected previously fixed bugs, as well as introducing some new ones of course.

From any other company, this would be a surprise. For Bethesda, and especially with the ongoing mess that is Fallout 76, this is just par for the exasperating course.

What is going on with that company?

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Source: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-latest-fallout-76-patch-reintroduced-several-bugs/


  1. Maybe Bethesda should become an Entomologist. They seem to be able to get the most interesting and exotic of bugs.

  2. I read on the Internet that our games have a few bugs

  3. The only game series with bigger bugs than Bethesda games is Earth Defense Force.

  4. Remastered bugs is something I would expect from Bethesda.

  5. Another day, another bug. Thanks Bethesda!

  6. Fallout 76 the gift that keeps giving 😛

  7. Bethesda just can’t even be bothered. It is obvious at this point that this game was made to be a quick cash grab.

  8. Bethesda has taken its moding community for granted, only to throw them away like a disused gum rapper, discrediting the free skill that they had at thier beck and call. Just remember that Bethesda longevity for thier games was only ever held together with gum to begin with.

    0 Days since Fallout 76 accident

  10. ​ Jim Sterling
    The answer to “why are all open-world Bethesda games so broken?” is simple: It’s still Morrowind.
    Zaric Zhakaron did a video where he showed that modders have opened up the game’s (all of them) code still use the same libraries that haven’t been updated since Morrowind. They’ve just had a few patches and more and more extra crap stacked on top. Gamebryo’s actually a good engine made for MMOs, but Bethesda screwed it up because they refuse to fix the problems.

    I think the problem is considering Bethesda a AAA studio at all. They’re actually much smaller than most real AAA studios, and basically all they do is add a few patches onto their last game, and then create new map packs and quest content, like it’s a DLC because it’s much easier that way. That’s why they keep using the same engine – it’s not just the engine “that they’re used to so that it’s faster to create content”, it’s the same game, entirely. And they’re using procedural tools to make most of the maps, as well. Think of this as a not-quite-indie studio trying to create procedural worlds like Hello Games making No Man’s Sky, and the fact that all the games are like this starts making sense.

  11. Players : “”Fallout 76 can’t get any worse.”
    Bethesda : “Hold my beer!”

  12. I think Bathesda’s employees have a twitch where they faceplant into their keyboards once in a while when programming games or creating patches.

    A day at Bathesda
    Todd Howard: “Hey Jerry how’s that update coming along?”
    Jerry: “Faceplants into keyboard”
    Todd: “Ahh working hard I see”

  13. At this point I would not be surprised to learn that Fallout 76 causes computers to release live rattlesnakes into the users’ homes.

  14. At least we don’t have to wait for the Fallout 76 Disaster of the Year Edition. It’s already here!!!

  15. Ea: wait which of us is the more incompetent company again?
    Bethesda: IT JUSH WERKS
    KONAMI: Want to gamble on pachinko??

  16. Be careful, the Fallout 76 reddit community will attack you.

    All 7 of them.

  17. Every single weekly report about this game feels like the punchline to a joke.

  18. Was Thundercats just to work around DMC or did I miss the joke there?

  19. And the only 2 people playing called them out.

    And then they were banned. Their punishment was a 3000 word essay on why fallout 76 is perfect.

  20. ゴツ・プシエ ミスワフ

    “When we fix things, they don’t work” – Bethesda

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