Fallout 76 Players Were Getting Remotely Robbed By Hackers This Week

Just in time for the Christmas season, Fallout 76 players were being remotely robbed by unscrupulous players. The exploit SEEMS to have been fixed now, though murmurs still persist.

Just before Christmas Eve, Bethesda had to acknowledge the stealing of entire inventories. The hacks were remote and the thieves incognito, and it appears as if lost inventory items are now gone forever.

With only a few days left until the end of the year, can this truly be the final Fallout 76 screwup of the decade? One hopes.

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  1. How this game is legal to sell is beyond me but i think it should just get the server pulled at this point.

  2. I wonder how many members of Bethesda’s PR team want this game to be shut down.

  3. I think fallout 76 should qualify for worst game of the decade ?

  4. Weren’t they already robbed by hacks when they bought the game?

  5. How the hell do they keep doing this? Are they trying to have the worst game of all time!?

  6. Sneak 100
    Stealth 100

  7. I’m fully aware that Fallout 76 came out last year, and I think most people are. But I’d still say the game belongs on every ”Worst games of 2019” list there is just because of how shitty and broken the game has continued to be.

    Calling Fallout 76 a joke doesn’t even do the shittyness justice anymore.

  8. How much do you wanna bet the compensation is just going to be a smidgen of that lovely, lovely currency? Not enough for anything valuable of course, but enough to try to manipulate victims of this shitshow into spenders.

  9. It’s actually worse than you said because you don’t need to see people to use the hack it can be used through buildings & beyond render distance as long as you’re within the range.

  10. Bethesda deserves Game of the Year for this game. Hear me out-name another game you don’t own and have never played that has entertained you more than Fallout 76? None, right? You don’t have to play it to enjoy it-no other game has pulled that off.

  11. This game really is testing just how far a franchise name can carry such a shitty product.

  12. If you are worried about audience being tired of 76 updates, idk about other people, but I personally (never played or bought it) still absolutely love them 😀 It’s like following a procedural soap opera. Can’t wait for all the “Fallout 76 fuckups compilation part 2″s next year!

  13. For the victims of this hack, this is the second time those people got robbed in Fallout 76. The first time was when they bought the game.

  14. I would say that if a game is a Live Service then it should be subject to scrutiny for as long as it is a Live Service. And by that I mean it should be in your top ten shittiest games of 2019. Or something along those lines… You get what I mean.

  15. Supple ZombieKitten

    I think you are mistaken thinking that Bethesda will improve in 2020. You will be blowing that dust at least twice a month, especially after Wastelander update gets released. I think that hackers will find some creative ways to screw up with those pesky NPCs.

  16. First, how are people tired of the Bugthesda Rave? That is gold! Second, if live services like 76 are going to be constantly “releasing” throughout the year as poorly as this put it on the list – if not as a contender for the year it should at least get an dishonorable mention as a public service announcement, if nothing else. Finally, I predict that the Bugthesda Rave will be used at least 52 times next year because of the following: more 76 blunders; Wastelanders; Elder Scrolls VI and/or Starfield likely heading into the next-gen console window whether ready or not: and Bugthesda’s publishing arm. Once a week for the whole year could be low balling it, lol.

  17. So many victims of the sunken cost fallacy

  18. Country roads, please don’t take my scrap…

  19. Fallout 76 is like a sadomasochistic immortal horse. No matter how much you beat it down, it keeps kicking back while simultaneously begging for more.

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