Fallout 76 Accused Of Selling Pay-To-Win Microtransactions, But Is It? (Sorta Yes)

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Fallout 76 is introducing gameplay items to its previously “just cosmetic” Atom Shop. Bethesda previously promised it wouldn’t sell any “pay-to-win” items in its premium store, and many feel they’ve gone back on their word.

The problem is, pay-to-win is subjective, so Bethesda can argue this is a “quality of a life” improvement rather than a victory-assuring advantage.

Here’s where the game industry has tripped up though. It’s worked so hard building up “just cosmetic” microtransactions as the acceptable alternative to pay-to-win, that it’s effectively lumped all non-cosmetic items into one big basket.

This propaganda has been useful for pushing cosmetics as acceptable, but it’s screwed them if they try anything else, as we’re seeing right here.

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  1. Making a Twitter to follow was a good choice, get notifications even faster

  2. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    “Well, promises are made to be broken. Just like our games”

  3. My question is… who is playing this game to even have this information?

  4. Bethesda : Can’t be breaking promises if you habitually lie about your games at the first place

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    The first 5 seconds immediately made this a great video! 😂😂😂

  6. Here’s a 📺 that looks like an 🍏

  7. Friendshipismagic

    Todd Howard discussing FO76 before it came out:
    “Sometimes, it doesn’t just work.”

  8. Invent a problem sell a solution. Isn’t this how eddy’s scams in ed edd n eddy went?

  9. So basically nowadays in games cosmetic microtransactions are ” just cosmetic”.
    And non cosmetics are ” quality of life choices”.
    Nice choice of words, AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY industry.

  10. Todd Howard is right, no one who is playing this game is “Winning”.

  11. It honestly doesn’t matter if it’s “Pay-to-Win” or not. They said the shop would be cosmetics only at a few points. They lied regardless.

  12. How long before publishers have us paying by the hour to play but it’s fine because “We’re not making you pay every 10 minutes”

  13. “Just cosmetic” is probably the worst phrase to come into the industry right alongside “live service.”

  14. Hey guys, remember in Fallout 3 and 4 when you’d be exploring and you’d find a new hat or jacket and you could just wear it? For free because you paid $60 for the game already.

    That was neat.

  15. I mean, to be fair, “inventing problems” sounds like a pretty good definition for game development as a concept. I just miss the days when they used to come with the solution as part of the purchase price…

  16. If you use resources to repair broke stuff and Bethesda sells repair kits to skip that cost, then they’re indirectly selling resources, which is from my perspective pay2win.

  17. “I’m not kicking you in the nuts anymore, so it’s okay for me to punch you in the face.” – AAA industry

  18. They shipped that game dead, then shot its corpse a few times with a rocket launcher and now continue to sh*t all over it.

  19. Who’s laughing now? Apparently Jimmy boi.

  20. That’s a nice PS2 game you use as background footage.

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