Faker meets Doublelift | T1 at MSI 2019

Here’s how it works: Faker goes on a date with the legendary ADC from LCS, Doublelift. They discuss vacations, League, former teammates and MSI 2019.

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  1. So this is the date that they were talking about

  2. Jin will bang bang your soul

    “I’m gonna die dude”

    same, *same*

  3. Faker meet Doublelift to share the tips and tricks on how to defeat IG.

  4. Faker = If you use flash on D , you already Silver
    Doublelift = So i’m Silver now ?

  5. Wow, this is so AWKWARD. I like it. hahaha

  6. Confirmed! Skt vs tl in finals

  7. these two are so awkward it made the video even more endearing

  8. Zorrata Sakurasou

    DL: Go easy on me.
    Faker: NO
    DL: Holy Fuu(beep)

  9. DL: Go easy on me
    Faker: No

  10. Flash on F = Faker
    Flash on D = Doublelift
    It matches perfectly.

  11. Old friend… true legends of LOL

  12. Luhan Singing Lu

    I can feel the awkwardness through the screen and I’m loving it lol

  13. Its JUST awkward enough, but not too cringe. Love it

  14. “go easy on me”
    LMFAO, i feel awkward for them this is hilarious

  15. Doublelift has flash on D
    Faker: “Shame on you”

  16. II-chanイーちゃん

    I don’t really want to ship this but I think I will

  17. Flash on F or D?
    *flashbacks* _Faker: Anyone who sets D on Flash is below Silver_

  18. Flash on F or D?

  19. Doublelift received the Faker buff at this moment and beat iG

  20. And to respect Faker’s sentences, Doublelift won today…

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