Eyetracking while playing Overwatch

Played Overwatch while wearing a Pupil Labs binocular mobile eye tracker.


  1. Nashville Dashcam

    “In Soviet Russia, Overwatch watch you!” etc etc

  2. it would be intresting to see this for different heros

  3. I think this is particularly interesting in showing that I feel like most players get frustrated because their eyes perfectly track movements yet don’t have the physical skills to aim with a mouse or controller.

  4. This is absolutely fascinating, thank you for sharing.

  5. I’d love to see this on pro players, to get an idea of how they view the game

  6. You should hook up with a professional player or a high-level streamer and see what it looks like as well.

  7. Eye tracking while eye tracking please

  8. Do eye tracking for a bullet-hell game

  9. It would be really cool to see a high ranking pro player use this system. But great video either way.

  10. Wonder if blizzard considers this cheating? lol

  11. This was incredibly neat! Thanks for setting this up, recording, & sharing it!!

  12. That’s while playing a slow character

  13. wow very fascinating

  14. now I want to see this on a pro mercy

  15. dude you never look at the top right of your screen to see who is dying.

  16. wow, i was gonna buy this thing too, turns out it’s over a thousand dollars

  17. Your video got stolen and it’s all over Facebook man!

  18. Данил Снетков

    amazing video , i would like to see how kephri use his eyes , is he realy look right on enemies head?

  19. This is super interesting

  20. Awesome video 🙂 I would love to see that for widow!

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