Exploring The New Map On Fortnite! (Season 4) TRIO SQUAD

Use my Creator (H2ODelirious)

Friends in the video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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  1. Damn, level 104 already!!

  2. u should defo do a fortnite video with lui calibre

  3. Your making feel better delirious I have a cold

  4. It hasn’t been long and he’s already level 100

  5. 0:16 I appreciate this moment of mutahar

  6. Bro my name is also Kyle and I play Fortnite A LOT I love your videos delirious and I will always love them you are a great and awesome YouTuber hope you make more videos of playing this season of fortnite

  7. Delirious putting himself in sweaty positions then starts screaming to his teammates for help, lol.

  8. The beginning of this video slowly was pissing me off

  9. i like how in the background delirious played the doom music as he played as the doom slayer, nice vid just like always delirious love you and your family and friends.

  10. i was so hyped at the end when squirrel faught the last guy.

  11. You better play more fortnite

  12. Narrikatti (FoolFeline)

    DoomDelirious or Delirious Slayer?

    EDIT: Huge respect to Squirrel!

  13. Love the Doom Slayer skin and that hammer is op

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