EXCLUSIVE: Grand Theft Auto VI Location Details! – Game News

Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola
Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen

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  2. Don’t think gta 6 is even in the works, gta online still brings rockstar and take two millions every year.

  3. Don’t want to get “HIM” in trouble? Source confirmed

  4. Saw GTA VI and almost thought this was a Sernandoe video

  5. When can we play on the moon?

  6. I can GUARANTEE one of the online features will include a battle royale mode

  7. Regardless of location, one thing is guaranteed: no single player dlc

  8. If it’s not the 80’s it’s not Vice City baby

  9. Tommy Vercetti: you got the drugs
    Drug dealer: you got the money
    Tommy Vercetti: tens and twenties used drug dealer: I think we have a deal my friend ha ah ha ha !


  11. Never knew i liked rooster teeth

  12. Its Vice City, Rockstar is remaking their cities into HD, First it was Liberty City, then Los Santos, now it’s Vice City

  13. God dammit where is is Bully 2?!?!

  14. Crows Wit Gaming

    How about a new city for GTA?! A Detroit (motor City) would be great…. Also original.. Chicago, Atlanta, VEGAS!!! come on rock star!!! Be original…

  15. Also, as Leslie said years back; modern Miami/Vice City won’t really make much sense since today Miami is no longer that drug mobster hub it once was back in the 80s. It is like trying to make a Wild Wild West video game in modern day Los Angeles. The reason why Los Santos and Liberty City (LA & NYC) worked on a modern day setting is because crime, drugs, gangs, is a common occurrence in those cities right now. What the heck are we gonna do in modern day Vice City? Rob a bunch of Spring Break college brats? Steal luxury cars from retirees or kidnap rich golfers?

  16. NET Alliance - Star Wars Fun

    *Way to make tons of money…*
    1. Remake Vice City with updated Graphics and textures
    2. Add the ability to swim
    3. Profit.

  17. Is your inside source Sernandoe?

  18. Ninjachickenfingers

    Moral of the story:

    Stop buying shark cards

  19. *I’d love to see Vice City return. However, this is 100% fake.*

  20. Macho_lex #Mas_ter

    Gta 6 need’s a lot of time … ??zZz

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