EVIL SPIRITS – The Evil Without

This is another utterly spellbinding journey into the world of WTF. Steam Direct continues to serve us hot steaming glory!


  1. So early the vid is in 360p only

  2. I’m so happy that i found your channel. Just the right amount of realism i need. _Thank you_

  3. Jim hit me up big boy I’ll help you shave your pussy.

  4. Will you talk about the bad release of Ark as of today? Still broken and bug ridden. But at least you can get your Money back in the first week now if you bought it in early Access and are not happy with the release state of the game.

    And thank god for you

  5. Let me guess – Russian?

  6. Steam direct basically did nothing to stop the crap games from flowing. In fact it just made it worse than greenlight

  7. I’ll come back later when It’s in 1080p

  8. Konstantinople the Pineapple

    They’ve used the half life 1 scream for the menu.

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