EVIL DEAD IS FINALLY HERE! (Better than Friday The 13th and DBD???)

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  1. I also uploaded a F13 video on my Let’s play channel to motivate you guys to go there and subscribe! <3 https://youtu.be/ioPxQp3LqH4

  2. You can’t compare this to Friday the 3rd, my friend. This is different, in a lot of ways.

  3. I been playing evil dead and its amazing 👏 the music is incredible aswell . I’m trying not to overplay it so I don’t ruin the game and get bored because it’s one beautiful looking game 👌 well done unreal engine.

  4. You, know, you are now much more audible then other videos

  5. Next Phase Gaming

    Evil dead is way more fun than dbd

  6. Hopefully they start making more episodes 🥺

  7. Is this game out on PS4?

  8. kilogram175 StreetGaming

    It’s cool but it’s not better then friday 13th or dead by daylight

  9. Does it not bother anyone that there not reading what’s on there screen? Literally tells them where to go for the map pieces

  10. Dragon Knight of Games

    Wow MVP of the match, so happy i caught it after hard work with some water and delirrious plays 😀

  11. Lester Angelo Franklin

    Clutchlirious on da moves!

  12. Riley Richardson

    XDD ‘this isn’t how you drive-‘ H2O ” HOW FO YOU DRIVE?! HUH?? HOW DO YOU DTIVE?!” XDD

  13. Anthony Szarzynski

    You’re the one of the best YouTubers I watch I have watched ur videos for about 4 years.

  14. This game seems a lot like Zombie master so far.

  15. Daquan Covington

    Invincibility frames for the win bitches haha😎😎😎

  16. In my honest opinion. Yes. You can ACTUALLY FIGHT BACK. I mean yeah Jason you had bats axes shotgun and stuff but unless you did a specific list of things to kill him he can’t die.

  17. Just subscribed to your let’s play love you delirious! Your videos rock

  18. Thomas Fallanca

    The new channel is awesome

  19. The ash squad

  20. Jonathan Rodriguez

    You guys are trash asking for heals but running right by them

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