EVIL – Awful

More utter filth from ’s pile of games.

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  1. E.V.I.L Every villain is lemons

  2. You all know why you’re here. Don’t pretend to be better than you know you are.

  3. Where’s the review for Ass Effect: A XXX Parody???

  4. Jim giving Breath of the Wild a 7/10 is something I can easily see past but not knowing what Olive trees look like is really disappointing ://///

  5. The Insane Mentalist

    Schrodinger’s Loading Screen, much? Jesus.

  6. Bloody russians always making low quality products

  7. way was there a washing machine in the bathroom I am so confused at that point XD do people put washing machines in the bathrooms ?

  8. That floor looks fucking good to be fair.

  9. And may I ask… Jim my boy… are you enjoying looking down and seeing tits?

  10. I’ve worked in architectural settings and I can confirm that this is one of the worst designed houses.

  11. I no think the creator he first langue is English.

  12. Is it wrong that my standards for first-person horror games on Steam are so low that I feel like the dev deserves some credit for having a smooth framerate and at least *attempting* to lay out a house rather than just using a pre-built asset? :-/

  13. I’m convinced this developer must live in a box, b/c that house design could have only come from someone who has heard of the concept of a house with rooms, but never actually been in one. I mean… WHAT?! really?! You couldn’t at least just designed it after an actual house you live in or have been in… what rooms are these?!

  14. 10:00 Anyone else think the sword-wielding statue was gone for a second there?

  15. “ok, so we’re in a toilet now” – steam horror games, 2017

  16. Pechka Productions

    Man, you guys surely hate russians

  17. Real talk, how much money did Colgate and the likes toss at the “devs” to be in this game.

  18. 4:05 “That’s terrible, that running animation, by the way!”
    To be fair, how often do we see running animation in first-person games? We’re usually lucky to see our feet.

  19. I’ve seen Garry’s Mod horror maps better than this.

  20. am I the only one who thought this was a first person game with quiet from metal gear solid 5?

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