Everything You Need To Know About Homefront: The Revolution

No commentary was needed on this one. Just enjoy a selection of highlights.

Achieved with CryEngine.

Full review here: http://www.thejimquisition.com/-the-revolution-review/


  1. OMG! This is pre-alpha right? RIGHT?

  2. Alex Constantine

    Is this like an entire new game or just DLC?

  3. Black Tea Recluse

    Well at least it’s not a Digital Homicide game.

  4. Why did I kinda see that coming?

  5. Why no lyrics? 🙁 The only thing that would have made this video even

  6. That makes me sad…was hoping this would be decent.

  7. Johnny “ACBlackJ0ck” Takigero

    Guess the devs didn’t raise the Hearts and Minds meter as much as they
    wanted to.

  8. Alex Olinkiewicz (olinkalex)

    I think you’re missing the point . the only way North Korea could ever take
    over, is if we were as dumb as the A.I. in this game.

  9. Godzilla Gojira

    hey barbie! hey ken! LOL GREAT MUSIC CHOICE

  10. So when are they going to move into the Beta phase of this game?

  11. I’m an AI girl, in a game world! Bad pathing, it’s fantastic! No physics on
    my hair, I can’t walk anywhere! Stuck on slow motion, I’m caught up in the

  12. that bent neck looked amazingly fucked, deep silver ay, graduated from
    making unappetising turds to shiny yet more repulsive turds

  13. So when does this come out of early access?

  14. Heh I was hoping for a good surprise with this game I don’t really know why

  15. The Pac Is My Sack

    Meh, it’s just a boring sequel to an okay if not memorable game. The bugs
    are quite fun to watch though.

  16. Well uh

    At least you can see your feet for once

  17. “BOYS!!! AVENGE ME!!! AVENGE ME!!!”

  18. They all slide down here! ARHAHAHAAHAHA *humps noodle neck corpse*

  19. What a Intro Productions

    So sad.

  20. Oh man I love Aqua.

  21. Well tbh the first one has mediocre at best, so this kinda makes sense as

  22. Svetlana Rodriguez

    And Steam have the nerve to say pre purchase to get extra stuff. No thank

  23. How do I make a copyright claim on this video?

  24. Awesometurtle98

    this went a well as a real NK invasion.

  25. i dont even what im watching

  26. Commandant Obvious

    I didn’t know they were still modding Crysis 1.

  27. Honestly the whole premise to this game is so ludicrous that I expected no
    less from it.

  28. Secreted by CryEngine.

  29. sooo that good right ?

  30. if you wall into a wall hard enough. you can walk through it

  31. This game was made in North Korea? I see their skills haven’t improved much
    since Pyongyang Racer…

  32. So it’s unfinished.

  33. Ugh it’s sad, I actually had hope for this game but of course, anything
    made by deep silver is doomed to be poor quality.

  34. Audrius Kliukas

    It’s OK guys, it’s early alpha, bugs will be fixed and it… oh wait…
    Holy shit, it’s not an alpha, it’s released. After the first one, I had no
    high hopes for this one. At best it would be another bog-standard military

  35. Millhouserino Kripperino

    not surprised :D

  36. okay riddle me this.

    why did anyone bother to get the license?

    the first one was shipped as a mediocore-at-best singleplayer campaign and
    a hilariously unbalanced but still somewhat fun multiplayer mode. not only
    is the first game now completely gone from gamers memories, it wasnt a very
    positive experience to begin with, nobody is goin to buy this based on the
    previous title.

    the only thing it does now is hindering the creative freedom during the
    develpment process of a new game due to the use of a license.

  37. Somatic Apparition

    Fuck, I was actually really excited for this.
    The idea of an “Open-world Half-Life” (As the devs called it) intrigued me.
    I’m not sure what I expected though.

  38. How the hell did they get funding for another one of these? The first
    Homefront was utter garbage, and I don’t know a single person who genuinely
    liked it.

  39. Triple A gaming is dead to me.

  40. Jerry Longbones

    i was really hoping this was gonna be good…

  41. It’s always funny when someone who is such a miserable failure in life is
    usually the harshest critic of someone else’s work. You’re a fucking human

  42. 7/10, needs some more of that sweet Sterling voice.

  43. Is Konami better than this? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. more like homofront haha like homosexuality oh man hahahahah

  45. Is it buggy jim!

  46. Are there any Dark Souls 3 spoilers in this one ?

  47. Man what a shame. It looked really promising

  48. WhiteTuxMafiaAndFilms

    How asked for this game?

  49. The plot of this game already doomed it. How the hell does North Korea
    actually invade and successfully conquer the US?

  50. stian kristiansen

    Wow. im not even surprised.

  51. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 6.

  52. what? this shitty, throw away, masturbatory, conservative hero fantasy has
    been shittily and hastily cobbled together with disregard for quality but
    amazing graphics so it at least look good when standing still in
    I’m shocked. (I’m not)

  53. From what a read its a decent game filled with technical issues i hope they
    fix it because i hope it could at least be average.

  54. Stuck on a Generator Simulator 2016

  55. Damn that’s disappointing. I watched a first 10 minutes vid earlier and the
    graphics aren’t that good either. Mind you when I saw Deep Silver as
    publishers it immediately made me think of the excellent but buggy mess on
    release STALKER Clear Sky so I should of took that as a hint of what’s too
    come :)

  56. Don’t care still buying it loved the first homefront campaign yes it had
    problems but I really enjoyed it.

  57. Had hopes for this one, but this stuff makes Ubisoft games look patched
    perfectly on release.

  58. is it not possible to make a properly functioning game anymore?

  59. Wow. You’re right. The level of detail on those jeans (1:12).
    Revolutionary. This game must use TrouserFX.
    So this is what life is like in North Korea. Fascinating.

  60. Mikey Motorpsyche

    Chubby man
    Chubby plans
    Chubby man
    Chubby plans

  61. I stopped caring for home front when I rented the game from a blockbuster
    and was WARNED “you can only play the first 5 missions and then the game
    will stop working without an actual CD key. Good luck with that, because we
    take the keys out of our rentals.”

    Well, 3 hours later I returned that game and never looked back.

  62. thcollegestudent

    I actually quite like the montages!

    Damn shame about the game though…

  63. Eh. I’ll buy it when it’s on sale.

  64. These people have the Moonwalk down.

  65. Wait is this the new Homefront?

  66. Thanks North Korea

  67. Even by rushed triple a game standards, this is awful.

  68. I love that more keeping coming over to that blocked corner. “YOU GUYS IF

  69. How is this only four minutes? I felt like I lived a lifetime watching
    this. Mister Sterling, Lord of Purple Dongbat, what witchcraft have you
    bestowed upon this video?

  70. This is a bummer. Not that I played the first one or was hoping to play
    this one, but it’s disheartening to see a game that a team of [hopefully
    talented] people worked on for a long time to be rushed out the door before
    it’s ready, with no marketing, to die a peasant’s death at the hands of the
    games media.

    RIP Homefront. Nobody really loved you in the first place.

  71. I had high hopes for this one considering it was being done by ex Free
    Radical guys. Now I’m just depressed that it ended up being crap.

  72. This needs Lyrics

  73. KurtLing NeoKorp


    I’m an A.I bot, in a cyber world.
    It’s fantastic but so pathetic.

    You can try going there but there’s an obsticle.

  74. Man, that neck. I wasn’t expecting eldritch horror in a Homefront game.

  75. Duncan Ketcheson

    Yes. But is it fun?

  76. TheExclusiveMan

    Real shame, I had high hopes for this in its early inception, this series
    needs to end, the public doesnt want it.

  77. Found out the developers are based in my city, i’m ashamed.

  78. No Pathfinder Code?

  79. Nicolas André Allenspach (SirSephyr)

    Homefront: The Revolution
    Comedy Gold Edition

  80. i don’t get it, is this a new dance, or something?

  81. Anyone know the music Jim used in this?

  82. robert stevenson

    Oh no …. this isnt god ?

  83. TheChickenSnyper

    How many individual places was that that pathing broke?

  84. This game may bankrupt Crytek

  85. DylaNemesis BDG

    oh cool I didn’t realise the Watch_Dogs fps came out.

  86. Yep just as shit as I thought it would be!

  87. this is watch dogs all over again

  88. It doesn’t matter what engine it is if you don’t know how to use it.

  89. Mmm, seeing your legs when you look down has worked a grand total of zero
    times, but I think this is the game that will finally pull it off

  90. “Hey, Sam! Could you finish the navmesh in this area? I’ve got a date

    “Sure–no problem!”

    Sam, under the weight of twenty unfinished tasks, forgets to finish the
    navmesh. And every npc in Homefront now knows it.

  91. 3:07 oh my!

  92. So in other words a 10/10 game?

  93. Dem boot physics!

  94. I remember a few months ago when Amazon accidentally sold the Collector’s
    Edition of this game for $23.99 for prime members. I managed to order it at
    this price, but then the cancelled it. Bastards.

  95. Please cite your musical choices, camp British videogame man. You wouldn’t
    write an essay without a bibliography.

  96. Why was a sequal made?

  97. So, pathing is crap, and sometimes ‘bones’ do weird things and joints move
    far outside their ‘normal’ range, and some animations lack effort. Nothing
    really new here, many of these are problems a wide range of games suffer
    from, unfortunately.

    Despite how wrong everything was when you were looking down at your feet
    while crouching over the body; I am rather impressed with how it tried to
    plant the feet at what one might consider proper orientation for the slopes
    (despite everything between the hip and the foot bending and turning badly
    to accomplish this). And that dead bodies are physical things that you can
    stand on is interesting, as you often just move through them, or they get
    pushed away from you like almost-weightless physics objects interacting
    with an unresistable force.

  98. Trailer looked awful, so rip this game to pieces Jim!

  99. So, judging from the number of upvotes this has, I’d say this is a bad

  100. DivinityOfBLaze

    Looks like somebody fucked up the pathfinding algorithm.

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