Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em…


  1. Seeing your my player look so real with that 2k generic voice is cringe🤢

  2. “Pass the thing hard, drive the D, you know what to do” lmao 😂😂

  3. I’m sure you could’ve made this a 20 minute video if you wanted too 😂

  4. Tyceno is a 6”3 pure shot and he could drop u off

  5. The fact that this video isn’t almost an hour long tells me that he missed a lot of things 😂

  6. Even your character be sweating off talkin

  7. Agent you get a sin for not spelling “just” right 1:45

  8. One thing 2k did get right is Agents face scan. That shit looks scary real

  9. This game is trash

  10. Another sin:
    A.I. played an NBA game prior to his first season. AND HE’S A ROOKIE??

  11. As soon as I seen the title I was like damn bruh my manz Agent is out here watching Cinema Sins😂😂

  12. We need 3-5 hours to actually say everything wrong with this garbage game.

  13. i’m from indiana we don’t call mixtapes sizzle reals only 2k i swear

  14. You know in indiana the fair is in summer, but the g league season is November to march lol .

  15. Cages the best thing that happen to 2k fr, park too stiff for me

  16. Ay 1:45 spelled just wrong 1 sin😹

  17. You need to go back and add a few more days to this video

  18. 2m0rrow is not promised

    You should’ve done *”Everything wrong with Agent’s diet,and weight in 15 minutes or less”*

  19. I love Cinema Sins

  20. Anybody else skipped all this in the game ? 😂 I didn’t know all these cut scenes where in the game

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