Ethan is DEAD to Me

Give it up for Garten of BanBan Chapter 4!! EVERYBODY WANTED


  1. What he said about Premier Pro is true, Adobe is just an awful company.

  2. garten of banban is certainly one of THE games of all time

  3. markiplier you did a great job

  4. Ok, if Mark is serious (because I can’t tell) he just descended in my rankings. Would he really stop a friendship because of this? This happens on YouTube and Mark doesn’t need to worry about not having content for his channel.

  5. Mark I can proudly say I watched both Heist and Space on my PS4.
    I’m in the 16%!

  6. The only thing left is for Mark to make a new video of a new horror game standard and make it a new craze just to make the egghead gumpty video useless.

  7. Can’t wait for Heehoo vs Gongoozler


  9. Mark is amazing at capping 😂😂

  10. Remember when markiplier wasn’t a clickbaiting shill artist. Yeah me either.

  11. Im so sorry for your horror game loss mark ♡♡

  12. It sucks, but ya gotta be aware that in this landscape there is hardly any true friend who give two damns about you. It is all about money and fame… and people got no issues to walk over bodies to reach those stars. Ethan and Jack are birds of a feather as they are both very capable to throw under the bus their friends who helped them reach any relevancy.
    Lessons to be learned at very least.

  13. welp ya live you learn move on is all ya can do

  14. ❤ Have a safe trip to Korea!

  15. Aside from Ethan, some ADHD meds can be used to make meth so…

  16. “I don’t know if revenge is the right answer, but it’ll certainly feel good” -markiplier 2023, words to live by 😎😎

  17. I get being upset but I dont think this should end a friendship. Everyone knows that mark is gonna get wayyyyyyyyy more views on his video anyway. it’s not like this is going to harm his channel or hes just not gonna get views on it just because ethan did it first. Theyre both kinda dumb for this

  18. The whole Ethan is dead to me thing fizzled out in like 20 minutes in

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