ESPN Postpones Apex Legends eSports Footage After Politicians Blame Games For Mass Shootings

ESPN has joined Walmart in feeding the propaganda of Republicans who seek to blame videogames for the problems they aren’t tackling.

Days after Donald Trump named games as a link to mass shootings, ESPN has announced it will postpone airing Apex Legends tournament highlights “out of respect” for recent terror attacks.

This, however, creates a paradox. Because shootings now happen all the time, there is never enough distance between airing gameplay footage and a mass murder incident. There is only distance between airing the footage and a politician blaming games for mass murder.

And THAT is why ESPN is postponing this. Because if they postponed the Apex Legends footage every time an attack happened, they’d never be able to air Apex Legends footage again.

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  1. There will soon be a mass shooting once school starts back. Mark my words.

  2. This is some bs. Yes videogames need regulation. Regulation in gambling tactics. Not “violent ” content.

  3. Head dufus in charge blames video games and then takes a picture with a baby victim while smiling and giving a thumbs up

  4. As it is, people are ratcheting up to boycott Wal-Mart over pulling violent games but not, you know, _guns_ . Easy for me to do since I don’t remember the last time I went to one. Though what I hate the fact that it’s not if, but now *when* the next shooting happens. It’s become normal

  5. I’m going to sue them for copying our distraction tactics when fallout 76 released and we tried to damage control

  6. Trump is the biggest griefer out there.

  7. 0:55
    Wow. One minute in and no punches pulled. That is a brutal, merciless question that cuts right through how all of this is just a smokescreen. Honestly Jim, you could have just ended the video after that.

  8. The politicians calling out video games would keep their mouths shut if the gaming industry donated as much (or more) to their “campaigns” as the NRA did. I BET YOU!

  9. It’s the exact same nonsense as the 80s D&D scare, or the earlier Rock&Roll scare. Except this one is even worse, because now people actually are dying, in droves even. And still, the media and people in power blame the chosen scapegoat because they refuse to face the real problem.

  10. And here I’m sitting about to play This War of Mine thinking how can I not rob the elderly couple.

  11. That’s exactly what they want. To get us upset. They want us to argue about what doesn’t cause mass shootings (video games obviously), so we take attention away from what and who do cause them. Despicable.

  12. I remember when I first played Titanfall 2. Now I run on walls and do sick kills on giant robots.

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT, JIMONY

  13. You know I think we should ban movies because I think someone might get the idea to gather a bunch of magic stones, put them in a glove and try to kill half the universe with it.

  14. A wise man, Groucho Marx, once said, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies”

  15. A person with a video game didn’t kill anyone. A person. With a gun killed ppl

  16. media: Videogames cause violence
    me: restarting game coz a dialogue choice made a character unhappy ;_;

  17. Feels like our Jim is undergoing a Charlie Brooker moment where the focus shifts from eviscerating idiocy in gaming to eviscerating idiocy in general, and I am here for it.

  18. NRA: “Well, time to pay everyone off again”

  19. Jonathan M. Oller Jr.

    Walmart: removes ads of violent video games.

    Also Walmart: Still sells guns.

  20. Moved from Detroit to Seoul. People are literally psychotic about gaming here yet I have never felt this safe from gun violence my entire life.

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