Esc: From Planet – The Worst Game To Ever Cost $34.99

Welcome to The Maelstrom. This is the heart of chaos, my friends, and it’s left me with literal tears in my eyes. From confused pterodactyls to serpentine vandals, this game has it all… and none of it’s good!


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  1. This is my game of the year 2018. Wow.

  2. Thank god for sterling

  3. Damn, sliding in at the last second

  4. N.obody Sevenhundred

    Finally, I had 35 dollars that I wanted to set on fire, but instead I can buy this game!

    Nah, burning my money would be more fun

  5. $35? You can buy Rimworld or 2 copies of stardew valley for that price!

  6. ESC: From This Game

  7. *Still looks better than Fallout 76*

  8. I would feel ripped off paying $1, jeez.

  9. But is it worthy of claiming the title of Top Ten Shittiest Games of 2018? Could it rob the current contender, Fallout 76? Only Jim knows…and Thank God for you, Jim!

  10. My god. That’s where the cliff racers went.

  11. *T H I R T Y F I V E D O L L A R S*

  12. Jim’s laughter does my heart good in these holiday times.

  13. I bet you feel pretty silly about having done the Game Awards already, uh?

  14. come on jim don’t be so harsh, its still in early access 😉

  15. Can’t wait for this one to be more expensive on consoles

  16. Why am I getting a Digital Homicide vibe from how shitty it is?

  17. Nagatem LordLucemon

    Hope jim covers the bethesda nuka dark scandal
    80 bucks for a plastic shell

  18. Jim Sterling is a sexy boy

  19. I spent $35 on these assets so I should charge people $35 to play my game.

  20. I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever heard Jim laugh 3:00

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