Epic Will Refund Shenmue 3 Backers Who Reject Epic Store Exclusivity

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YS Net gets itself another financial helping hand as Epic Games pledges to refund any Kickstarter backers who felt duped by the game’s Epic Store exclusivity.

In an ongoing theme of the Shenmue series vacuuming up money that’ll never be seen again, Epic’s footing the bill for refunds that neither Ys nor Deep Silver were prepared to pay. Epic has plans to do this for future crowdfunded exclusives as well.

Shenmue III has floated on a sea of millions of dollars, and for a series that’s never made any money, one wonders if it’s worth it.

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  1. “Mom said i have to give you guys you’re refunds”

  2. Epic : We will offer refund from our own pockets.
    Ys Net, Deep Silver : *surprised Pikachu face*

  3. “We will refund your money if you weren’t pleased with fallout 76”
    -Todd H.

  4. Epic must have a ludicrous amount of money

  5. It doesn’t make me feel one bit better about the situation to be honest, but I’ll certainly be claiming my refund once the process starts.

  6. Epic doing what every big studio does this day, try to look good by solving a problem they themselves created in the first place

  7. most likely protecting themselves from a potential class action law suit. the cost of going to court plus a potential punitive ruleing costing more then just a refund makes giving a refund in exchange for good PR a good deal.

    edit: Because people keep making this point I’ll explain. epic can’t be sued directly yes but if the devs get sued and go belly up other devs would think twice before following. in addition to get the game to market epic might need to bail out the devs so a lawsuit could indirectly cost them more then just refunds.

  8. If you want a good game that’s like Shenmue, just get Yakuza.

  9. Nobody should be praising them for this. Refunds should’ve been allowed in the first place.

  10. We live in a world where companies dicking you over is considered normal enough to where a gesture of the slightest remorse/generosity becomes a real head-scratcher.

    This truly *is* the bad timeline.

  11. Ay I see Millionaire’s Bane there at the end 🙂

    You know, if Epic has all this money to throw around and make power plays with, I don’t see why they don’t use it to _improve their platform._

  12. God damn it Battler/Tom/Zucc

    “I know I stabbed you on purpose…But look I patched you up so I’m the good guy right?”

  13. I would dance to chains of love for hours if EVERYONE requested a refund.

  14. ah, the classic “fixing something we broke for brownie points” move

  15. Pizza Mozzarella

    If only Bethesda did the same thing for Fallout 76 backlash

  16. Devilishly Dutch

    okay so i gotta ask did Jim actually fill 3 minutes with ‘EA is shit’ and the editor (Craig?) cut it out?


    Sega: “Hahaha now they see.”

  18. StarlightFromAbyss

    Trying to score brownie points after the issue they have created put damper on their party. I spit on thee, corporate pissard.

  19. Epic “your money has been refunded to your epic store account”

  20. Kickstarter has gone from _”help us build our game independently”_ to *_”generate hype for us so we can sell ourselves to a big company anyway.”_*

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