Epic Buys Psyonix, Rocket League May Be Removed From Steam

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It seems all but confirmed that Rocket League is going to be removed from Steam to become an Epic Store exclusive. Epic has danced around the issue and is trying to make previously clear statements vague, but either way, Epic now owns Psyonix.

With the acquisition of the Rocket League studio, Epic is making it quite clear that it ain’t here to play. It is looking to own PC gaming and be THE place for digital distribution.

Like it or not, Epic is here to fight and win in the most brutal fashion.

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Article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/1/18525842/epic-games-psyonix-acquisition-rocket-league-fortnite-unreal-deal


  1. Other platform holders: “We’ll create our own great games and/or unique services as an incentive for people to come to us”

    Epic: “We’ll just take other peoples shit and make you come to us to use it”

  2. Epic really wants gamers to hate them for some reason….

  3. Epic: “hey do you want money?”
    Psyonix: “yes pls”
    Epic: “so be it, crunch time it is!”
    Psyonix: “wait, what?”

  4. Coming soon: Rockstar games get pulled from Steam and Red Dead 2 announced as an Epic exclusive.

  5. Anyone who thinks epic is doing this for publishers or players is delusional. This is pure corporate strong arm tactics to force consumers to buy only from them. This is not fair market practices, it’s not pro consumer/player, it’s purely a forced approach to own the market with little attempt to hide it.

  6. Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    Isn’t _”Think of the POTENTIAL!”_ usually the line of the _villain?_

  7. Psyonix now go work 100 hours in a week and make Rocket League 2 with a battle royale mode.

  8. Agsma, Just Agsma

    Let’s not forget that Epic called out Sony for not allowing cross-platform play with Fortnite. Removing Rocket League from Steam, not only it’s anti-consumer, it’s also on a level of hypocrisy that calling it “double standards” would be an understatement.

  9. This game never would of became popular without steam, it was all those steam giveaways that got the game out there.

  10. Gabe please buy Tim Sweeney’s whole family and make them exclusive.

  11. Thank god for you.

    Are you going to cover Randy Bitchford lying again and having a Twitter meltdown??

  12. Still waiting for that glorious competition everyone was touting to tangibly benefit us as consumers. Yep any minute now. I’m sure Epic will stop operating in the way that is gaining them market share and eroding the selection of its competitor, resulting in two worse services where one better one existed previously, and suddenly be the most consumer friendly platform ever, magically. They just have to stamp out all competition first, thats probably the hold up. Then they will have the space to do it. I promise.

  13. Games are more expensive to buy on epic store,outside of US

  14. J Depressionkin

    Thank you Mr. Sweeney for continuing to give me more reasons to argue my refusal to use your service. You’re so very helpful.

  15. epic will run out of money. All steam has to do is continue to keep quiet. Once epic has half the features of steam, they will be unable to sustain the business model.

  16. Lord Of Chaos Inc.

    Well if someone is to blame for this outcome it’s the Epic customer. Stop enabling these atrocities.

  17. So what? Nothing bad will happen after this. Just look at Blizzard after Activision bought them… no wait…

  18. Sorry about Metro Exodus, we won’t pull a game from Steam again

    _”The Gang Pulls A Game From Steam Again”_

  19. Leftist Tech Support

    Epic Games doesnt want competition with Steam, they want to be the new monopoly

  20. The Glow Stick Guy

    * *shrug* *
    Keep going. Buy everything. I’ll quit video games before I support Epic.

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